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Mississippi Market and the Saint Paul Saints: A Cooperative Team

Spring is finally in the air (can I get an amen?) which means it is time to pull out the grill, throw on some hot dogs, and do what else but watch baseball! While indoor baseball is now a thing of the past for the Twin Cities, not long ago there was only one place to catch an outdoor ball game – Midway Stadium, home of the Saint Paul Saints.

Don’t know about the Saints? They are an independent baseball team in the North Division of the American Association of Independent Baseball, meaning they are independent from the Major League baseball organization. Their website proclaims that with an eclectic ownership group including actor/comedian Bill Murray, the Saints have adopted a “Fun is Good” attitude. They are the only team in baseball with a live pig as its mascot, an 80 year-old nun who gives massages in the stands, haircuts behind home plate and a hot tub above the left field fence. In many ways, independent baseball teams are the co-ops of the baseball world; they play by their own rules, not always so different from the major league, but also maintain their separate priorities and values regarding organization and money.

Independent teams mean lower ticket prices, and more family-friendly game promotions. That guy in the row behind you at the Twins game spilling beer and screaming too loudly will not be at the Saints game, I promise.

This year (and in years past) Mississippi Market Co-op will be sponsoring the Saint Paul Saints (hey, the only natural foods co-op in St. Paul needs to support the only baseball team in St. Paul.) We believe that the healthiest players can only perform on the healthiest foods, so that’s why we’ve partnered with the team to provide them with post-game snacks and road trip fuel (of the eating variety) fresh from our co-op to their dugout or bus. We’ll also be at some of the games spreading the co-op gospel and cheering on the team. So come out and join us, the weather is finally cooperating, and nothing beats a night spent outside, hot dog in hand, crowd cheering in your ears, with the sound of a wooden bat hitting a home run. We’ll be at the game on Friday, May 13th (they’ll be fireworks too) so stop by and say hello, eat some peanuts and cracker jacks, and play ball!


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