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Michele & Trina Travel to Costa Rica

By Michele Anderson, West 7th store’s Wellness Manager

The main lodge on the farm is called "Casa Luna". They also offer family bungalows & other cabins for guest on the farm.

We would all expect that a trip to Costa Rica would be amazing, right? For some of us, this could be a dream vacation in the making. Well, I experienced my own personal dream vacation courtesy of New Chapter Organics. Costa Rica is truly a paradise filled with so much beauty, sightseeing, and unique secluded rainforest land.

There are lots of good reasons to visit Costa Rica- to experience the environment, explore the rainforest, among the many other sights that Costa Rica offers. However, if you want to be at peace on your trip, it is essential to visit Finca Luna Lodge in Costa Rica. Finca Luna Nueva Eco Lodge is a lovely Biodynamic estate in San Ramon, Costa Rica. This awesome rainforest destination is a place to explore and experience sustainable practices in agricultural living. Trina Rodel and I had the opportunity to observe this beyond organic farm and explore the naturally preserved terrain. The open air, warm temperatures, and cool breeze could keep a person in Costa Rica, forever.

Steven, the owner of the farm, gave us a four hour tour of the farm. In this photo, we are looking at various lettuces, herbs, veggies & fruits that they use to cook with on the farm.

The highlight of our stay at Finca Luna was to learn about the organic farm from Steven Farrell, farm manager for more than 25 years and an expert in the field. It was truly an honor to hear Steven speak about the biodiversity and the commitment that they have to the biodynamic philosophy. Biodynamic farming is based on the philosophy of living soil and ecological processes by Rudolf Steiner. Biodynamic farming places an emphasis on utilizing compost, manure, and avoiding any unnatural materials such as preservatives.

This farm is Demeter International certified, which means that this farm is verified biodynamic. Their standards are available on their website  The farm at Finca Luna has some of the most amazing compost piles I have ever seen. We had an opportunity to get our hands dirty and feel the natural warmth the compost heaps radiate. This moment made me feel as though everyone and everything in Finca Luna participated within the system of preservation of the rainforest.

Cashew tree on the Sacred Seeds Sanctuary tour.

I can’t forget to mention The Sacred Seeds Sanctuary. This is a vast rainforest with over 300varieties of medicinal plants. There are awesome cut out paths in the sanctuary to encourage easy exploring of these preserved, sacred plants.

I am forever changed by the harmony displayed at this wonderful estate and hope that I can experience this again, someday. Thanks again to New Chapter Organics and the team at Finca Luna Nueva!

Trina & Michele with a view of the Arenal Volcano in the background, taken after we went zip lining in La Fortuna.

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