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Biking… with benefits

A couple weekends ago, my brother came to visit. He made it a point to bring his bike since I keep telling him how great it is to bike around the Twin Cities. Plus, it was something that the whole family could do.

River Road offers great trails for biking & walking where the Twin Cities meet.

It poured Saturday morning and we watched out the window, waiting for the sky to lighten up. It was clear that we all were looking forward to this bike ride. The kids were squirrely. I was antsy. My brother was looking disappointed. We packed up our picnic lunch to pass the time.

Once the rain turned to a sprinkle we headed to the garage to get the bikes together. The sky was lightening up and we only felt a couple drips here and there by the time we headed down the alley in the direction of Minnehaha Falls.

To spare my 7 year old’s little legs, we opted for a shorter route than we would have liked to take my brother on, but still the way we chose showed off some of the best of our neighborhood. We took the Minnehaha Creek Trail to the Falls and then connected up with West River Road. We then hooked up with the Midtown Greenway and then circled back to our place via the bike lane on Minnehaha Avenue. But not before we pulled out our water bottles, our picnic packs (sliced baguette, grapes, cheddar, and brie), and Clif Z Bars that I brought from work. There was no way my daughter was going to let us veer from the river without a snack break!

Taking this little loop with someone from out-of-town made me realize that I take this all for granted- the proximity of the river, the bike trails, the shade trees… and it just keeps getting better! NiceRide has expanded well into St. Paul. Bicycle Boulevards are gaining momentum. And the Bicycle Benefits program that Mississippi Market brought to the Twin Cities last year is now offered at a number of local businesses. Check it out!

Bryant Lake Bowl – $2 Tallboys
Grass Roots Gourmet – 10% off
Red Stag Supper Club – $2 Tallboys
Linden Hills Co-op – 5% off $10 or more purchase
Hampden Park Co-op – 5% off
Green Body – 10% off all classes and products

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