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Notes from the Field – Hill & Vale Farm

Jay visits Hill & Vale 005Benjamin, one of our in-house butchers, and Jay, our West 7th meat & seafood manager, made the trip to Wykoff, MN to visit Joe & Bonnie Austin, the owners of Hill & Vale Farms. After their visit, Jay said, “We always knew that Joe and Bonnie cared about their animals but being able to talk to them face to face and see their farm really drove it home that they not only take great care of their animals, they also care deeply about their land.”


Wykoff MN map

Hill and Vale is a 380-acre farm in southeastern Minnesota that supplies food co-ops with beef and lamb. All of the animals are raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Their diet primarily includes pasture/hay, with grains added in the later growing and finishing process.






Cattle on grassWhat should people know about Hill & Vale? We receive two cows from Hill & Vale each week that we cut & butcher in-house, allowing us to carry fresh cuts that you can’t find at mainstream grocers.

And, we have a real connection with them. For example, Jay talks to Bonnie once a week. It is really valuable to have a weekly check-in with the farmer versus only email or talking with an order representative.


Hill & Vale roastTry this! Hill & Vale beef patties: We have these in a number of varieties – regular, bacon cheddar, jalapeno, and herb. Find them in the frozen meat case.

Try this! Hill & Vale beef chuck roast: It’s super-simple to make in a crock pot or in the oven and cooks up juicy and flavorful with just a bit of salt, pepper, and rosemary. it makes for a great centerpiece presentation and falls apart easily the longer it cooks. Find it in our fresh case.

Hill & Vale farm sign

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