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A Vegan on Turkey Day

Have you ever been the lone vegan at a Thanksgiving celebration in Texas?  It’s not easy, let me tell you.

My Southern family includes a few types of turkeys, a ham and brisket at most Thanksgivings. Corn is swimming in cream cheese sauce and you can bet the drippings are included in every gravy and side dish possible.  And asking for the ingredients for each dish at a potluck? Forget it!

Liz's meemaw made sure that she didn't go hungry during Thanksgiving by going out of her way to prepare a few dedicated, vegan dishes.

Liz’s meemaw made sure that she didn’t go hungry during Thanksgiving by going out of her way to prepare a few dedicated, vegan dishes.

Luckily, I had a grandma who would make me a special little pan of stuffing/dressing made with vegetable broth and set aside some sweet potatoes without butter and marshmallows. She was a gem!

I know guests with special diets can be a pain for the host, but I can also vouch for us being the most appreciative when someone makes an extra effort to accommodate our needs.  Most of us with dietary restrictions know that hopes of getting an amazing meal at a big holiday celebration are likely to lead to disappointment.  So when a host goes out of the way to have a gluten free pie or a vegetarian main dish, it makes a big impression.  I’ll always remember the extra effort my grandma took to make sure I had plenty to eat.

So, who is coming to your holiday celebrations this year?

Have a niece who is vegan?  An uncle who is gluten free?  A cousin who swore off dairy? There’s no need to change your whole menu– Just pick up a few plates from Mississippi Market’s deli to suit your guests.  We have ready-to-warm plates for special diets and classic tastes alike.

Or do like I did at my last Thanksgiving- Bring your own complete plate from the co-op just in case.  I added the couple of vegan side dishes that were at the gathering to my warmed up plate overflowing with holiday foods I knew fit with my values.  My hostess wasn’t inconvenienced and I got an amazing meal!


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