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Digging through dozens of recipes? Reading Thanksgiving recipes until your eyes weep? We’re keeping it simple! Here’s what we think every memorable Thanksgiving meal needs:

Biggest Time Saver Pie! We make it from scratch, so that you don’t have to, with only the quality ingredients that you expect. Choose from apple, pumpkin and pecan. We make vegan and gluten free pies, too.

Best Value – Winter squash – it’s cheap, it’s versatile and it feeds a whole crowd! These recipes go a long way – basic roasted squash, Squash cream soup, Squash Noodle Kugel (PDF)

Show Stopper – Every great meal needs a show-stopper. Impress your guests with what Kevin, Selby’s cheese buyer calls, “the best cheese that we carry all year” – Rush Creek Reserve from Uplands Farm in Southern Wisconsin. A softer cheese, it is only made between September and November. It’s meant to be served slightly warmed with its thin top rind removed so a spoon or bit of bread can be dipped into the cheese.

Traditional Flavor, new twist – Why should Thanksgiving stuffing be a lackluster affair? Bring the season’s best to the table in a stuffing made with Mississippi Market Made Cranberry Wild Rice turkey sausage. With the aroma of the cooking apples, sage, cranberries and cornbread, your home will be full of cozy fall comfort.

Turkey Tips – Take a look at our turkey roasting and thawing tips when preparing your bird.

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