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reFRESHing spritzers

We all know sodas aren’t good for us, but sometimes a fizzy, fun beverage really hits the spot.  To make a fruity spritzer with much less sugar than soda (and no caffeine), pair together fruit juices with sparkling water SodaMaker-art_webThe possibilities are endless and coming up with your own variations is part of the fun!

As a general rule, I like to fill a glass with ice, add 100% fruit juice to a little below the halfway mark, then top off with sparkling water.  You can use La Croix sparkling water with flavors (Think mango juice with lime La Croix for a topical mix) or keep it simple with any plain sparkling water.

To make these extra special, I love adding pieces of cut fruit to the drink, like wedges of lemon, lime, orange or even berries.  You can even skewer grapes or blueberries and then freeze them to make flavorful “stir sticks” to chill your drink.

So next time you have a party (or just want to make a Saturday afternoon more fun), gather your ice, fruit, juices and sparkling water for a spritzer experiment station!

Looking for something a little fancier? Give this one a try:

Strawberry Basil Spritzer

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