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In honor of the Eat Local America Challenge this month, I am bringing you an awesome local recipe to use at your late summer barbecues! I picked up all of my local ingredients from Mississippi Market of course; corn from Wheatfield Hill Organics in Wisconsin, chicken drummies from Kadejan Farms of Minnesota and Triple Crown BBQ Sauce from Minnesota. All of the Asian ingredients can also be bought at Mississippi Market (just not the exact brands of rice vinegar and mirin) so it’s a one stop shop for this grilling fun!

I love this recipe in the heat of summer because it just tastes so good sitting outside on a warm summer night and there’s virtually no clean up- perfect for when you have company over!

Grilled Corn


  • Shuck husks and all strings off, wash and dry completely.
  • Spread room temp butter (I experimented with bacon drippings on one, leftover from my breakfast that morning, it turned out pretty darn good as you can imagine!) I have also used olive oil before with good results.
  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper if desired.

Cook: Place on low-med heat grill, aiming for about 350 degrees (I used a gas grill here that runs super hot, so temp and times may vary for cooler charcoal grills.) Depending on it’s size, corn takes about 20 minutes to grill, so I usually put them on a few minutes after the chicken if I am using the larger drummies like I did here. I usually rotate them about every 5 minutes and sometimes turning them end-over-end because my grill has a lot of hot and cold spots. You’ll notice the kernels turning darker yellow and once they are fully deep yellow get some good grill char all around, your done!

Asian-Style BBQ Chicken Drummies


Here is my recipe for Asian-Style Barbecue Sauce:

-2 parts Triple Crown BBQ sauce
-2 parts hoisin sauce
-½ part chili garlic sauce (can substitute with Sriracha as well)
-¼ part rice vinegar
-¼ part mirin
I used 2 packages of large chicken drummies, but I have used this recipe for small chicken wings as well.

2014_Grilling Corn and Drummies-1Definitely mess around with the amounts until you get the taste you are looking for. I rarely measure, so I can change recipes for the people I am cooking for. For instance, if you are cooking for kids, you can make it less spicy, or someone who dislikes vinegar, use less mirin and rice vinegar or omit them completely.

Mix all ingredients together and coat chicken completely, let marinate for as long as you can. Over night is best, but in a pinch it is fine to throw them on the grill right away too.

Cook: Place marinated chicken drummies on a low-medium heat grill, aim for 350-400 degrees. Depending on your grill, I turned mine every 3-5 minutes. Once they are turned, use your leftover sauce and either brush or spoon it over the chicken, continue to turn, re-saucing and charring each side multiple times. This will build layers of caramelized crispy goodness on the skin of your drummies, which is honestly my favorite part! I cooked mine for about 25 minutes around 400 degrees, but I think I could have left them on another 5 or 10 minutes to crisp them up a little more.

Add some local watermelon and you’ve got a delicious local barbecue menu!

P.S. I always make extra so I can put this tasty chicken and corn in salads/sandwiches/wraps for my lunches throughout the week.

A little info about the writer: Amanda has worked for Mississippi Market for 9 months as a Floor Manager. She has always enjoyed cooking and food. She is a local artist and photographer in her free time. She loves combining her love for cooking and photography by creating beautiful images of the food she makes. Her favorite part about working at the co-op is learning and sharing cooking knowledge and recipes with customers everyday.

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