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Gluten free goes local

We know that food sensitivities and food allergies are a part of many people’s lives, so we are always on the lookout for high quality products that will meet these people’s needs. We’re especially excited about two new local lines of gluten free foods – Belle~Amour Macaroons and Down In the Valley baked goods. Here’s a litte more information about both…

Belle~Amour Macaroons

belle amour ChocolateMacaroonBelle~Amour Macaroons were created for people with food sensitivities (and they just so happen to be delicious)! These macaroons are gluten free, GMO free, raw, and vegan. They have an incredibly narrow allergen profile, including no nuts, which makes them wonderful for school lunches even if the school has a nut restriction. They also contain no grain, eggs, soy, dairy, or refined sugar. What do they contain? Organic coconut flakes sweetened with maple syrup and a zest of flavor. In addition, these macaroons are raw, which means that the nutrients in all the ingredients are still intact and your body can absorb and use them. At the co-op, you’ll find their macaroons in flavors – chocolate, lemon poppy, cherry, and lavender. Need another reason to love these little treats? Belle~Amour Macaroons are made in Minneapolis and sources over 80% of their organic ingredients locally!

I am thrilled that my macaroons are now at Mississippi Markets because I enjoy offering a wonderful, nutritious food to people who have made a healthy diet an important part of their life.  As a co-op member, I feel I am contributing to my community and enjoy meeting others who share my passion for healthy eating. -Christopher Dark, owner of Belle~Amour Macaroons

Down in the Valley baked goods

p.5 DIV label with certificationYou can now find Down in the Valley gluten free muffins, cookies, Down in the Valley bakehouse is a venture of our food co-op friends, Valley Natural Foods, in Burnsville. The bakehouse is a dedicated gluten free, state-of-the-art commercial kitchen that allows them to make delicious goods in a safe facility. In addition to being gluten free, all their products are dedicated peanut free and trans-fat free. Look for treats from Down in the Valley in our deli grab-n-go cooler.

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