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Grass Run Farms – local farmers providing 100% grass-fed beef

The Grass Run Farms guarantee:
• 100% grass-fed – no grain, ever!
• Antibiotic- and hormone-free
• All-vegetarian feed (no animal by-products)
• Humane animal welfare (in raising and harvesting)
• Grazing and pasturing access whenever possible

You may have noticed a bright green label in our meat case. The label and the high-quality beef behind it are from Grass Run Farms, a regional meat company founded and run by Ryan and Kristine Jepsen. Grass Run Farms is a collaboration of sustainable family farms in the bluff country of Northeast Iowa and across the Upper Midwest that produces 100% grass-fed beef.

Grass Run Farms

Ryan and Kristine started Grass Run Farms because they wanted to create a traceable and sustainable farm business with the grass-fed beef they raised. They knew people were looking for locally raised grass-fed beef and felt that they could meet this need. And indeed, they have. In the past six years, Grass Run Farms has grown from a small farmers-market operation to selling wholesale grass-fed beef to grocers in our region year-round.

During this time of growth, Grass Run Farms has stayed true to the tenants it was founded on – sustainability and accountability. The cows that graze on their pastures help perpetuate the natural balance of the earth by spreading organic fertilizer (manure), trampling organic matter into the topsoil, and encouraging regrowth of pasture forage and its root system and which preventing erosion. Being pasture-raised, the cows themselves are healthier, calmer and better nutritionally balanced than their unnaturally confined counterparts. They are never given antibiotics or added growth hormones and they are fed a vegetarian diet. To maintain accountability, Grass Run Farm uses affidavits to trace animals back to the pastures and farms they were raised on.

The Jepsens also feel an obligation to share what they’ve learned in their years of honing their farming practices. They hold educational outreach events and spearhead conversations to help support other meat producers.

By developing a space for farmers to discuss and problem-solve together,” explain Ryan and Kristine, “we have created a transparent way to ensure that grass-fed beef continues to grow and flourish as an industry.

By bringing Grass Run Farms, we are able to continue to offer good, quality 100% grass-fed beef at an affordable price. Ryan and Kristine’s commitment to their land, their animals, and their farmers gives us confidence that we are able to offer you the best grass-fed beef from our region.

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