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Serious citrus

Citrus shines in the winter months, and thank goodness for that! The brightness that they offer in color and in flavor helps shake us from our winter slumber. Citrus seasons offers many choices, but February is often peak for some of our favorites – Minneolas, navel oranges, and tangerines.


minneolaAKA: Minneola tangelo
Origin: Minneola, Florida / a cross between a Duncan grapefruit and a Dancy tangerine
Peel color: bright reddish-orange
Rind: relatively thin and easy to peel
Distinguishing factor: stem-end neck giving it a bell-shape
Flavor: Sweet, tart and tangy
Use: toss in green, leafy salads / delicious in salsa for fish and seafood
Make itBaked coconut shrimp with tangelo salsa

Navel oranges

navel orangeDid you know? The navel in the orange is actually a small second orange
Origin: Bahia, Brazil
Peel color: bright, yellowish-orange
Rind: relatively thick / great for zesting (particularly when organic)
Distinguishing factor: seedless
Flavor: Sweet, but can turn bitter after exposed to air
Use: fruit salads, juice delicious in marinades and vinaigrettes


tangerineDid you know? The fruit was imported to Europe out of Tangiers, Morocco, hence the name.
Origin: Likely from Southeast Asia
Peel: light orange in color
Rind: loose and easy to peel
Distinguishing factor: the segments fall away easily, making them extra-appealing for children
Flavor: less sour and sweeter than an orange
Use:  delicious in salads and desserts
Make it! Shaved carrot fennel and tangerine salad

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