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Key ingredients for a healthy pregnancy

The immense range of resources available to those choosing to have children in Minnesota right now is exceptional. Options for education, support, and other resources here continue to blossom, while the multitude of providers empowers every family to have the birthing experience they prefer. Two important resources available directly in our community include access to healthy sustainable food, and support and education from one reputable childbirth organization, The Childbirth Collective. Living in Minnesota enables families to put together the key ingredients for a healthy pregnancy with greater ease than ever before.

For ages, women have nurtured and helped other women navigate the ebb and flow of childbirth. A woman who is knowledgeable and experienced in childbirth and provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to families before, during, and after a birth is known as a doula. The word “doula” comes from the Greek language meaning, “a woman who serves”. Doulas help to explore birthing options and offer care in every birthing situation. Studies show that labors are shorter with fewer complications, babies tend to be healthier, and breastfeeding is established more easily with a doula’s assistance.

childbirth collectiveThe Twin Cities is a leader in the availability of doula support for our country. Right here, weekly meetings are held by The Childbirth Collective, a passionate non-profit community of birth professionals. They act as a vital resource, supporting women throughout the childbearing year. The meetings are a warm and wonderful way to meet local childbirth professionals, learn more information on birth and the birthing community, and network with other local mothers.

Per capita, there are more food co-ops in Minnesota than anywhere else in our nation. Eating healthfully is essential to living a more radiant life at any stage, but it is especially important if you are planning a pregnancy or already are pregnant. Mississippi Market is one of these co-ops. The co-op is strongly committed to GMO-free, high quality, local, and sustainably produced products. Visiting the friendly atmosphere and finding all the right food and supplements allows families to have a healthier pregnancy.

In essence, healthy nutrition and having support through pregnancy go hand in hand. Doulas help to establish confidence, safety, and security for women as they nourish and support them on their journeys to motherhood. Because of Mississippi Market’s values and mission, having access to fresh and healthy food eases stress and fosters an attitude of trust which can be difficult to discover elsewhere. With these solid pillars to build on, families in our community are creating their birth stories, and we have the privilege of watching these stories unfold right before our own eyes.

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Join us for an evening with The Childbirth Collective
Friday, March 20, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
West 7th store
$10/$7 member-owners
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We’ll have light refreshments, lively discussions with the Childbirth Collective and beautiful gift bags for all participants. Topics include: postpartum and life transition; breastfeeding; basic newborn care; and bonding and development.

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