Building community & selling great food since 1979

Serving those who value the connection between food, their families’ health, and the environment has always been a primary focus for Mississippi Market. The ongoing success of ours and other co-ops has helped pave the way for better practices in how food is produced, distributed and marketed.

Our Roots

Mississippi Market's original storefront on St. Claire Ave, St. Paul, Minnesota

Mississippi Market’s original storefront on St. Clair Ave, St. Paul, Minnesota

Mississippi Market opened on the corner of Saint Clair & Pascal on March 1, 1979 with the mission of providing healthy, unprocessed food to the surrounding neighborhood. The St. Paul community responded favorably to Mississippi Market, and by the late 1980’s the co-op had outgrown its space. In 1991 the co-op moved to its next location near the corner of Randolph & Fairview, more than tripling its retail space from 1,100 to 3,595 square feet.

Selby Store

Organic and natural foods sales boomed in the ensuing years and our co-op’s sales grew apace. Strong sales growth over this period led Mississippi Market to open a second store in April of 1999 at the corner of Selby & Dale, although it wasn’t without its challenges. The Selby store has 7,100 square feet of retail shopping space and includes a complete grocery selection from produce to meat & dairy, a wellness sections and a full-service natural foods deli and juice bar. The Selby location’s second story houses the co-op’s administrative offices and several neighborhood-based non-profit organizations.

In 2003 the co-op’s board completed a sale-leaseback agreement of the Randolph location with nearby Saint Paul Academy. You can read more about this here. Then we focused on building our financial strength for future expansion opportunities. Our preference was to find a location that would serve the community served by our Randolph store. As time went on and extensions to our lease grew shorter, it became clear that we needed to broaden our search. We received our certification as an Organic Retailer in 2004.

West 7th Street Store

In March of 2008 we signed a purchase agreement for the 1500 W 7th Street property and began planning for the new store, which opened in July of 2009. With member-owner suggestions to include sustainable building features and a community gathering space, we worked with a LEED-certified architect to design our store to include green features that we estimate it would meet the requirements for a LEED Gold level building. The 7,700 square foot store includes a full-service meat & seafood counter; a deli, juice and espresso bar; an indoor seating area for 30 people; an outdoor patio and a classroom.

After years of fielding requests for delivery, Mississippi Market launched a delivery service in September 2012. Mississippi Market At Your Door delivers the organic, local and sustainable and high-quality products we are known for to nearly 50 zip codes in the Twin Cities.

East 7th Street Store


In September 2011, Sarah Geving and Beth Butterfield held a community meeting with 100 attendees and formed a steering committee. and the Gateway Food Initiative (GFI) was established with the East Side Neighborhood Development Corporation to support healthy, local food programs and to hold funds earmarked for a co-op on the East Side of St. Paul.

In April 2012 The Gateway Food Cooperative (GFC) is incorporated and the co-op begins taking on member-owners. Shortly after, GFC talks with Mississippi Market about the challenges of starting a new co-op and the idea of Mississippi Market investigating a third store. By May of 2013 Mississippi Market entered into discussions with the city of St. Paul to explore the vacant lot known as the Hospital Linen site at 740 East 7th St.

In January 2014 GFC members vote to dissolve their co-op and become member-owners of Mississippi Market and a month later Mississippi Market member-owners invest over $1.8 million in the East 7th Street store. Mississippi Market’s 3rd store opened in September 2015.