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Zero-Waste Shopping Tips

Celebrate Earth Day all year-round by reducing waste when shopping at the co-op.

Buy in Bulk — Great Taste, Less Waste

Buy only the amount of food you need by buying in bulk. Buying in bulk is also one of the best ways to save money, as some items, like flour and rice, are up to 50 percent cheaper in bulk compared to their packaged equivalent. When shopping in the bulk department, weigh your reusable container, fill it with the amount of bulk product you need, then record the PLU number from the bin. That’s it! By using your own reusable containers, you’ll reduce both food and packaging waste.

Shop Products with Minimal or Recyclable Packaging

Mississippi Market strives to use as little packaging as possible on Market Made items and purchases products for sale with minimal packaging. When purchasing items outside of the co-op’s Bulk and Produce departments, search for those with minimal packaging or recyclable or compostable packaging such as Alter Eco’s bagged quinoa.

BYOB — Bring Your Own Bags

By bringing in reusable grocery bags, you not only reduce waste but also save money! Each one is credited 10 cents that can either be taken off your total receipt or donated to a local nonprofit-of-the-month. Because of generous shoppers like you, an average of over $10,000 is raised monthly for local community partners through our Positive Change program.

OptOut of Paper Receipts/Opt-Into Electronic Ones

Did you know you can go completely receipt-less by opting out of paper copies? Alternatively, you can opt-into receiving electronic receipts from the co-op whenever you shop. Simply talk to your cashier about it the next time you’re here. You can always ask for a paper receipt if you need one in the future.

Reuse Milk Jars & Egg Cartons

Buy milk in reusable glass jugs from local farmers Autumnwood and Castlerock. When purchasing bottled milk, you’ll pay a $2.00 deposit that is refunded once empty bottles are returned to the co-op. Farmers pick up used jugs to clean and refill, then return them to the co-op filled with fresh milk. When buying eggs, bring in and reuse your egg cartons. By only packaging the number of local, organic Larry Schultz bulk eggs needed, you’ll save 10 cents off your purchase while reducing packaging waste.

Learn additional zero-waste bulk shopping tips.

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Zero-Waste Shopping at the Co-op: Bulk Edition

At the co-op, buying in bulk means less food waste and less packaging waste. How? When buying in bulk, you can purchase only the amount needed, reducing what might otherwise be thrown away. You can also bring in your own reusable container, or use a provided bag, and avoid much of the waste associated with packaged products.

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Hoppin’ John for Good Luck in the New Year

New Year’s Day is celebrated by many families with Hoppin’ John, a traditional southern stew made with black eyed peas. Some people add a penny or other small trinket to the beans when serving them. Whoever finds it is promised especially good luck in the New Year. Many recipes can be found for Hoppin’ John as there are many cooks who make it; use this one as a foundation for creating your own version.

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Why Bulk is Best

Mississippi Market offers hundreds of self-service bulk bins loaded with grains, rice, oats, beans, pasta, shelled nuts, coffee, teas, spices, granola, dried fruits, candy, and more. We also carry liquid bulk items including maple syrup, honey, oils, soaps, shampoos, and laundry detergents. You’re sure to find something great in our well-stocked bulk department. Some of our best sellers include organic raisins, oats, honey, flour, walnuts, organic popcorn, and a variety of whole bean coffee.

Buying in bulk doesn’t mean dealing with large quantities. At the co-op, buying in bulk means reducing food waste, using minimal to no packaging, and saving money. You can even bring in your own reusable containers to fill! The best part is that it’s easier on the earth and your pocketbook.

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Local Profile: Kickapoo Coffee Roasters


Founded in 2005, Kickapoo Coffee Roasters is a local coffee company based in Viroqua, WI. For over a decade, they’ve been working closely with coffee farmers dedicated to growing high quality beans and paying their workers fair compensation. To ensure fair wages and market prices, Kickapoo Coffee provides farmers a minimum price for their harvests, guaranteeing labor and production costs are fully covered while creating a more equitable and sustainable coffee supply chain. This farmer focused sourcing model has forged trusted, longstanding partnerships between Kickapoo Coffee and the small scale farmers who supply their beans.

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