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A trip to the U of M Bee Lab

In April, the University of Minnesota Bee Lab was the recipient for our Positive Change program. Run by MacArthur Fellow and Distinguished McKnight Professor Dr. Marla Spivak, the Bee Lab’s goal is to research and promote the health of bee pollinators. Read more …

6 Tips for Success with Whole30

It is true – the elusive tiger blood is real! I have to admit, I thought it was a myth and that I could never feel the way the Hartwigs describe. Mind you, it took me until about the last 5 days of my Whole30 to really start to feel the effects and find success with Whole30. Read more …

Partnering with Roots for the Home Team

We’re excited to partner with Roots for the Home Team to bring you their fresh and healthy salads in our deli. Read more …

Keeping Americans in the DARK about GMOs

It is our elected representatives’ duty to create laws that reflect the needs and desires of their constituents. Surveys indicate that over 90% of Americans want GMO ingredients labelled on their foods. Read more …

Simple Summer Salad for Whole30 Challenge

Serves 3-4, cook time 45 minutes. Read more …

Seeing the benefits of Whole30

Ripe avocado on a wooden background

When my colleagues first invited me to do this Whole30 program, I was like no way! I eat fairly well, believe in moderation, variety, fresh, and eating lots of colors, and I celebrate chocolate and all things butter. That means I don’t eat chocolate and butter — and cream –moderately, but for me, I also believe that part of enjoying life is the joy one gets from treating yourself with luscious foods.

Well, friendly peer pressure and my own curiosity won out and I said yes to doing the Whole30 with a colleague. If you’re interested in trying it, I say doing Whole30 with a friend is key. So often, we may let ourselves down, but we won’t let down our pals. You see, if I go off the Whole30, our deal is we both begin again at Day 1. As of now, I’m at day 15. While I can’t say I’ve felt any hugely magical results yet at Day 15, I’ve made some interesting realizations about my own eating habits. If you are considering doing the Whole30 or are already doing the program, perhaps some of these points may resonate with you.

First off, I’m very glad I am doing this. While I’ve always paid attention to what I eat, I haven’t always carefully looked at the mix of protein, veggies and healthy fats in every meal. It’s really brought home to me the idea of food as fuel for your body. Obvious, I know, but now when I eat, that is really clear to me. Because after a good Whole30meal, I feel fueled. I really do have a huge sugar beast to tame. I realized just last week, that while I’m not reaching for the chocolate, I am still giving my sweet beast full rein. My cravings are for something sweet and creamy and I reach for spoonfuls (one after another after another) of cashew butter and coconut oil. Mmmmm. So while the food I’m choosing may be a bit healthier, the Beast still runs the show! I am also very big into treats -treats and rewards. Having dessert has always been an event and I consider it a fitting end to every meal but breakfast!

I usually do smoothies for breakfast with lots of good stuff, but my body and brain seem to really embrace the solid feeling a good hearty breakfast gives me. Not eating so much sugar, not having a glass of red wine now and then, seems to have really calmed down the occasional redness on my face. With less sugar in my diet, my teeth feel much more clean. I’ve enjoyed making the recipes from the Whole30book and sharing them with my colleague. That has been very helpful in keeping my interest and has allowed my busy monkey mind to really think — and devote time to – what I am preparing and putting into my body.

Foods that I have thoroughly enjoyed on my Whole30 program from Mississippi Market:

1. East Wind Cashew Butter
2. Coconut oil
3. Angelica’s Kitchen Kim Chee (really helps me with sweet cravings!)
4. Organic Valley ghee
5. Avocados

Gateway to Historic Dayton’s Bluff

The East Side of Saint Paul is steeped in history, and the site of our third store is no exception. Read more …

Whole30 with dietary restrictions

As someone who has limitations on what types of animal protein I allow in my diet, I have gravitated toward eggs, fish, seafood & poultry during my Whole30 experience. Read more …

Summer in the city

Mississippi Market has a strong tradition of community involvement. We support St. Paul-based non-profits through our donations programs, we offer classes year-round, and we sponsor community events. We take our connection to St. Paul seriously because “concern for the community” is one of the seven cooperative principles and because we are owned by over 16,000 of our St. Paul neighbors.

One of our favorite ways to support our community is to sponsor and attend community events. Read more …

Sharing the experience of Whole30

There’s much buzz abounding for the free, nutrient-dense diet known as the Whole30. Maybe you’ve heard of it or had friends or family try it. Read more …