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Celebrate Community: Ebele

As part of our Celebrate Community series, we are celebrating the rich cultural diversity of our very own staff members at Mississippi Market.

Ebele has worked in the human resources department at Mississippi Market for three years now. Originally from Nigeria, Ebele has lived in Minnesota with her family for the last five years. She has a strong love of food and cooking, especially spicy food! Ebele shared with us a recipe for Jollof Rice. It is a dish that is eaten in many West African countries but is very popular in Nigeria – so popular that you will find it at virtually every occasion!

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Commemorating Credjafawn Co-op

Most Twin Cities food co-op members associate the growth of local grocery co-ops with the 1960–1975 period, during which many of our region’s existing stores began. A notable exception to the 1960s food co-op movement was the Credjafawn Co-op Store, which briefly served the Rondo community in the years immediately following World War II. Its freestanding building at 678 Rondo Avenue, at what was then the corner of Rondo and St. Albans, lay only four blocks northwest of today’s Mississippi Market location on the corner of Selby and Dale.

Lively photographs of the Credjafawn Co-op from 1948 document a tidy, well-equipped corner store with white-painted porcelain cases, a two-tiered air-conditioned produce display backed by tall mirrors, and grocery carts small enough to thread their way through narrow aisles packed with fresh food for sale. The Co-op’s two large street-facing windows were partly papered with posters featuring the familiar twin-pines logo of the National Cooperative Business Association, which also served as Mississippi Market ‘s logo for a short period of time.

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At the Co-op, Everyone is Welcome

A message from Mississippi Market’s General Manager, Gail Graham.

Over the last seven days, we ran a Celebrate Community blog series highlighting a cultural recipe and culinary tradition from each of the seven countries that was recently affected by the (now temporarily suspended) federal travel ban, including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.

At the co-op, everyone is welcome. Our staff, shoppers, and producers are from countries all over the world, including some of those affected by this ban. We work to create an inclusive environment that celebrates the diversity of our community. After all, Minnesota, with an increasingly diverse population, is a state of immigrants.

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Film Screening – In the Spirit of Cooperation


Join us from 6:30-8:00 p.m. on the evening of Wednesday, January 25 at our East 7th store for a free film screening. We’ll be showing a recently released PBS Visionaries documentary titled In the Spirit of Cooperation that explores the power of cooperatives across the U.S. and around the world.

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Exclusive, Limited Time Grass-fed Beef and Meat Gift Packs


This December, we’re proud to be partnering with Mustard Seed Farm, a local family farm located in Marine on St. Croix, to sell delicious cuts of their 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised Red Angus beef. Red Angus beef is unique and has an excellent flavor similar in taste and texture to Black Angus beef. The purchase of these Red Angus steers from Mustard Seed is a onetime offer with the hopes of it growing into more frequent availability at the co-op in the future. Since the availability is limited, we’ve decided to offer the purchase of Mustard Seed Red Angus beef in gift packs for the holidays.

Three options are available for purchase beginning Friday, December 9th in our Meat and Seafood department:

  • Grill Pack (only $60, a $75 value) – contains 5lbs of Mustard Seed Red Angus ground beef (five 1lb packages) and 5lbs of Mississippi Market Made pork sausages
  • Steak Pack (only $55, a $72 value) – contains a variety of Mustard Seed Red Angus ribeye and New York strips for a total of five steaks per pack
  • Roasting Pack (only $48, a $56 value) – contains 4lbs of Mustard Seed Red Angus roast (two 2lb roasts) and 2lbs of their stew meat

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Reminder: LIME Program Renewal


A friendly reminder to all current LIME member-owners — please renew your eligibility in the program by January 12th, 2017 to ensure uninterrupted discounts. Your cashier will remind you what verification documents are needed to complete the renewal process. Proof of enrollment in an income-based financial assistance program is required for LIME member renewal. Your LIME membership payment plan will not change – we’ll continue making payments on your membership from the earned “cash” portion of your patronage dividends until you reach the full $90 in equity.

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Celebrating 20 Years of Youth Food Empowerment

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Midwest Food Connection (MFC) becoming incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. MFC was founded in 1993 by Mississippi Market Co-op and The Wedge Co-op as a community outreach initiative dedicated to educating youth about natural foods, local sustainable farming practices, and the cultural origins of our foods. Since 1996, the initiative has grown and flourished as a nonprofit that empowers elementary school children to make healthy and responsible food choices. In addition to Mississippi Market and The Wedge, the following natural foods stores currently provide significant financial support to support MFC – Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli, Valley Natural Foods, and Linden Hills Co-op.

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Mississippi Market Fall Cooking Demo on Fox 9 News

On the morning of Thursday, October 19th, Mississippi Market appeared on local television news station Fox 9. Our Education & Events Specialist Katie Marty and new East 7th Store Manager James Lewis spoke about healthy fall soup using local, seasonal ingredients.

View the Autumn Kale Soup recipe we made on-the-air, a hearty main dish full of delicious vegetables including onions, carrots, celery, butternut squash, kale, bell pepper, garlic, tomatoes, and more.


Interested in learning more? Join us in October and November at one of our upcoming fall soup cooking classes:

Seasonal Soups

Tuesday, October 25 | 5:00-8:00 pm | West 7th St. store
Non-Member: $40.00 | Member-Owner: $35.00

Come and learn how to use up your extra fall vegetables by making a few delicious soups with Chef Greg Knothe. The soups on this fall-themed class menu are Tomato Basil, Chicken Vegetable, and Squash. Registered Dietitian Nicole Carlson will also be available to share nutrition tips and advantages to cooking at home.

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Thrifty Bean Dishes from Around the World

Sunday, October 30 | 1:00–4:00 pm | West 7th St. store
Non-Member: $32.00 | Member-Owner: $30.00

Beans are a staple of most food cultures. Besides their thriftiness and healthfulness, beans can be highly seasoned for flavorful dishes. Join seasoned instructor Jan Grover for an afternoon of turning beans into memorable soups and stews just in time for late autumn and winter. Bring a small covered container in case we have leftovers. Extensive handouts will be provided.

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Cooking with Co-op Basics: Soup From Scratch

Tuesday, November 15 | 6:00–7:30 pm | West 7th St. store
$5 registration fee

Cooking with Co-op Basics classes feature budget friendly, from-scratch cooking techniques and recipes that feed a family of four for under $10. Learn how to make your own stock and a hearty beans and greens soup with Kim Werst from Urban Oasis while learning a few budgeting tips with Katie Marty from Mississippi Market. This class requires a $5 registration fee but you will receive a $5 voucher for Mississippi Market upon arrival at the class.

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Local Grower: Sin Fronteras Farm

Eduardo Rivera from Sin Fronteras Farm & Food is one of the many local farmers we support because we know the work he does has a positive impact on the community. He’s passionate about building better access to fresh produce. True to the farm’s name (Sin Fronteras means “without borders”), Eduardo seamlessly bridges the cultures of Mexico and the United States. Read more …

East 7th Store & car2go

We’re excited to provide a new transportation partner at our East 7th Street store– car2go! You’ll find the car2go spot in the back of our parking lot at 740 East 7th Street. This one-way carshare program charges by the minute with gas, insurance, and parking fees included. Getting to Mississippi Market has never been easier!  Read more …