Invest in your co-op. Invest in your community.

Your support will make Mississippi Market in East St. Paul a reality.

cover google map East 7thMember-owner loans are the foundation of co-op financing. They demonstrate the co-op’s success, provide equity, and will be essential for securing financing to purchase land and build a new store.

To finance this $8.64 million project, we will need to secure $1 million in member-owner loans and C stock purchases.

Any active Mississippi Market member-owner who is a resident of Minnesota may participate. As with any financial decision, there are risks and benefits you will want to evaluate.

Class C Stock
Minimum stock purchase of 1 share, which is $500
Dividends determined annually by Board, expected to be 4%
Stock held for minimum of 5 years
No additional voting power

Give us a call to schedule an appointment at 651-310-9470. For more information, including terms, interest rates, risks and benefits, contact us. You can also pick up an investment packet in the stores, or call 651-310-9470.


Note: All loans (not Class C stock) will be held in an escrow account.  Should the project on 740 East 7th Street fail to proceed by September 2015, money and interest will be repaid.

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