Positive Change: Immigrant & Minority Farmers Conference

We’re proud that our reusable bag donation program reflects our overall mission as a co-op. With Positive Change, your reusable bag credit is worth 10¢ each. Choose to keep it, or donate it to our monthly non-profit recipients.Plus, in the spirit of making a greater impact on our community, you can round up to support these organizations every time you shop! In December, your donations will go to support the work of the Minnesota Food Association’s Immigrant & Minority Farmers Conference (IMFC).

Our friends from the Immigrant and Minority Farmers Conference will be tabling at each store over the coming weeks:
12/3—East 7th Street – Hli Lee Xyooj & Paula Foreman, 3:30-5:30pm
12/7—Selby Avenue – Mary Lange, 3:30-5:30pm
12/14—West 7th Street – Tou Pha, 3:30-5:30pm

IMG_9514_webThe IMFC is the largest gathering of its kind in the nation and offers a great opportunity for vital development of the minority farming community.  The IMFC is presented by local nonprofit organization, Minnesota Food Association. This years’11th annual conference will take place at the University of Minnesota from January 30-31, 2016.

The IMFC focuses on the special needs and interests of immigrant and minority farmers and addresses their needs by bringing together farmers, farm advocates, educators, professionals, experts, and agency officials to one space to exchange knowledge, network, and find support. The IMFC will feature over 12 different workshops presented by experienced farmers and professionals on topics that are essential to thriving farms and successful vegetable production.

Past workshops have included: understanding important rules and regulations that govern the production and sale of food and flowers, marketing concepts and practical skills, critical but basic record-keeping, modern farm practices, food safety for specialty crop farmers, soil health, and USDA programs that can improve and strengthen farms