Community Outreach

Mississippi Market gives back to our neighborhoods through these major initiatives:

  • Offering a wide range of classes on healthy and sustainable living
  • Sponsorships to community events that align with our mission.
  • We offer tours for schools, places of worship and other community organizations for free!  Topics include: healthy eating for kids, being a conscious consumer, “green” building features of our stores and shopping on a budget.
  • When you bring your own bag, you’ll receive a credit of 10¢. You can choose to donate this credit to our Positive Change program. You also have the option to round up your purchases to the next dollar amount to donate to our Positive Change recipient of the month. It may just be a few cents or spare change, but the impact on our community is astounding.
  • Our Community Donation program gives small gifts to area schools, nonprofits and other local organizations over each fiscal year.
  • During the annual Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign, we encourage our shoppers to donate at our registers to help support 5 of our area food shelves
  • By donating surplus produce and packaged foods to local food shelves throughout the year
  • Educating elementary school students about healthy eating and sustainable living through our support of the Midwest Food Connection

Brownies visit our West 7th store to learn about healthy eating by "eating the rainbow".

Donations Policy

Read our Donation Policy & Request Form or visit the Positive Change program page for our donation guidelines and information on how to request a donation.

If you have questions about our donation program, email Katie Marty, Education & Events Specialist at or call 651-310-9499.

Classroom Rental

Our West 7th Street and East 7th Street stores both have a classroom available for rental for non-profit ventures on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays for a small fee. Please see our user agreement for more information about this service.