Midwest Food Connection

In 1993 Mississippi Market and other Twin Cities natural foods co-ops founded a community outreach initiative to educate children about natural foods.  Since then, the initiative has grown and flourished as a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering elementary school children to make healthy and responsible food choices.

Midwest Food Connection’s school programs educate children about natural foods, local sustainable farming, and the cultural origins of our food.

Each year Mississippi Market chooses to sponsor schools in our neighborhoods to receive lessons from Midwest Food Connection. Some of the schools in St. Paul that Midwest Food Connection has visited in the past include:

Adams Spanish Immersion
Capitol Hill
Highland Catholic School
Horace Mann
J J Hill Montessori
Monroe/Linwood A+ School
Museum Magnet

Interested in having a Midwest Food Connection educator come to your school? Visiting their website to sign up is the first step!