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Joining Mississippi Market Co-op is easy! Simply drop by any of our three store locations and ask one of our cashiers for a membership agreement. Fill out the requested information and choose either a one-time stock investment of $90, a payment plan, or a LIME membership.

To become a member-owner of Mississippi Market Co-op means choosing to follow a strong tradition – maintaining access to high quality food and other natural products, joining with neighbors to build a stronger community, and supporting a sustainable regional economy.

Regardless of whether you decide to join our co-op or not, you are always welcome in our stores. Everyone is welcome to shop at the co-op!

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You may be surprised…

  • Everyone is welcome to shop, anyone can join!
  • The $90 stock purchase is a one-time investment, NOT an annual fee
  • There is no requirement to volunteer your time or work at the co-op
  • The payment plan spreads your investment over 2 years and you can pay early anytime
  • The Limited Income Membership Entry (LIME) program welcomes those on a limited income to become members for only $12. LIME program participants receive a 10% discount on their groceries everyday.
  • Fully paid memberships are refundable if you should ever move away or change your mind

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