French loaf

Mississippi Market’s bakery offers locally-baked artisan breads, numerous sliced sandwich breads, bagels, and tortillas. Your sure to find something in our high quality bread selection to help build better sandwiches and wraps. In addition, we bake fresh muffins, scones, and sweet and savory turnovers every morning.

Featured Bakery Items

Brake Bread | Available at our West 7th and Selby locations


Brake Bread is a local community supported bakery that delivers fresh baked goods via bicycle within the West End of St. Paul. They’ve recently started selling their delicious naturally leavened, fresh baked breads directly at our West 7th St. store. The flour used in their bread comes from grain sourced in MN and the Dakotas and processed at Swany Mill in Freeport, MN.

St. Paul Bagelry

St. Paul Bagelry has been baking some of the most sought-after bagels in the Twin Cities since 1991. A local family- and woman-owned business, they bake New York-style bagels with all-natural ingredients. Fresh baked bagels are delivered daily to our store and are available in a wide variety of flavors, including plain, poppy, sesame, everything, and more. These delicious bagels contain no preservatives and are sold both individually and in packs of five. Their bagels were named the Twin Cities’ best bagels in City Pages “Best of the Twin Cities” 2016 edition.

La Perla Corn Tortillas

Driven by family values, La Perla is family-owned and operated by Jose and Noemi Payan. This local business bakes fresh, authentic corn tortillas daily and sells more tortillas than anyone else in the city. Their classic tortillas serve as the perfect complement to many Mexican dishes including burritos and fajitas.

Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery Bread

Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery is a family-owned business that crafts specialty breads using a unique sprouting process. These artisanal methods utilize pure, organic ingredients to produce nutritious bread loafs. All of their breads are GMO-free and baked with sprouted grains, which make them more nutritious and easier to digest. Grab a loaf for your everyday sliced bread needs. These breads are also a part of our Co+op Basics program, making them affordable for all co-op shoppers.