French loaf

Mississippi Market’s bakery offers locally-baked artisan breads, numerous sliced sandwich breads, bagels, and tortillas. Your sure to find something in our high quality bread selection to help build better sandwiches and wraps. In addition, we bake fresh muffins, scones, and sweet and savory turnovers every morning.

Featured Bakery Items

Holy Land – Local Pita Bread

Discover the original flavor of old world cuisine with Holy Land pita bread, baked from scratch with the same ingredients and methods used for over 100 years and three family generations. Baked fresh and delivered daily to the co-op, these fluffy pocket breads have been a Lebanese, Arabic, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean staple for over 4,000 years. Goes great served with tabbouleh, falafel, hummus, tzatziki, dolmas, shawarma, and more. Available in a number of flavors, including white, whole wheat, garlicky, tandoori, Greek Naan, and Afghani.

Rudi’s Organic Bakery – Organic English Muffins

A leader in organic baking, Rudi’s has been making organic breads, rolls, and buns since before the U.S. National Organic Program was enacted. Rudi’s is committed to healthy people, a healthy planet and healthy communities. Their organic English muffins are nutritious, flavorful, preservative-free, and certified Kosher. These delicious, high-quality breads are also free of artificial ingredients, high-fructose corn syrup, trans-fats and GMOs. Baked in small batches using a centuries-old fermentation process, the English muffins take on rich flavors and textures. Available in three varieties, including white, whole grain wheat, and spelt.

Great Harvest Bread Company – Local, Whole Wheat Half-Loaves

Locally-made just down the street from our Selby store, Great Harvest’s handcrafted breads are freshly baked using nutritious ground whole wheat. Mississippi Market has a strong, long term relationship with this trusted bakery. Their new smaller half-loaves are great for individuals and smaller households. Available in a range of flavors, including their most popular, honey whole wheat – a perfect blend of 100% whole wheat flour, pure honey, filtered water, salt and yeast. These half-loaves are also WIC eligible.