French loaf

Mississippi Market’s bakery offers locally-baked artisan breads, numerous sliced sandwich breads, bagels, and tortillas. Your sure to find something in our high quality bread selection to help build better sandwiches and wraps. In addition, we bake fresh muffins, scones, and sweet and savory turnovers every morning.

Featured Bakery Items

Silver Hills Bakery – Sprouted Breads

These awesome sprouted breads are made with easily digestible whole grains, healthy ingredients, and no GMOs. Family-owned and operated, Silver Hills Bakery is the first verified non-GMO bakery in Canada to make sprouted whole grain products, ensuring GMO ingredients are never used in their breads. Their delicious, specially-crafted breads are baked using a unique sprouting process to support energy and boost mental focus. You’ll find a variety of their sliced breads at the co-op. They’re also a part of our Co+op Basics program, making them an affordable option for all co-op shoppers.

Wendel’s Specialty Breads

Wendel’s Specialty Breads are all-natural, GMO-free, low in sodium and calories, and rich in whole grains. Made with no added fat, refined sugars, eggs or dairy, these wholesome, hearty breads are available in seven flavorful varieties, including whole wheat, prairie milled white, honey whole grain, country white whole wheat, and more. Preservative-free and sweetened with molasses and honey.