Bread & Baked Goods

Our bread selection is made up of locally-baked artisan breads and numerous sliced, sandwich breads. We offer high quality breads and tortillas to help you build better sandwiches and wraps. In addition, our deli bakes fresh muffins, scones, and sweet and savory turnovers every morning. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite local bakers.

Great Harvest Bread Co.

Great Harvest is a neighborhood bakery located in St. Paul for almost 20 years. Each day bushels of wheat from the Montana harvest are milled into the finest stone ground flour. Stone grinding preserves nutrients and essential amino acids to increase the vitality of their whole grain breads. They add ingredients in their most natural form – honey, herbs, spices, fruits, and nuts – and no artificial preservatives.


Saint Agnes Bakery

Saint Agnes Baking Co. is based in St. Paul and has served the Twin Cities area since 1995. Saint Agnes’ reputation was built upon its Eastern-European-style rye and sourdough breads—including Saint Agnes’ signature St. Paul Sourdough, born from a decades-old brick starter. All Saint Agnes breads are made from scratch with no preservatives, baked and delivered within 24 hours, and never frozen.


New French Bakery

When the New French Bakery opened in 1995 in Minneapolis, it didn’t take long to become popular. To meet rising demand without sacrificing quality and taste, owner and head baker Peter Kelsey worked hand-in-hand with the best European manufacturers to customize equipment to perform as extensions of a baker’s hands. Today, the technology is so ingenious and “hand-like” that the bread doesn’t even know the difference. Yet, they still remain true to Artisan techniques – taking time with the bread and using only all-natural ingredients.

French loaf

Rustica Bakery | Available only at our West 7th and Selby locations

Rustica is an independent neighborhood bakery in Minneapolis. Everything they bake is made with premium ingredients. They believe the best baked goods are made using labor intensive processes. The result is bread that has full, complex flavors, a range of textures & a naturally longer shelf life. They focus on people, process, and ingredients.

pan trenza (una unidad)

Brake Bread | Available only at our West 7th and Selby locations

Brake Bread is a local community supported bakery that delivers fresh baked goods via bicycle within the West End of St. Paul. They’ve recently started selling their delicious naturally leavened, fresh baked breads directly at our West 7th St. store. The flour used in their bread comes from grain sourced in MN and the Dakotas and processed at Swany Mill in Freeport, MN.