Bread & baked goods

Our bread selection is made up of locally-baked artisan breads and numerous sliced, sandwich breads. In addition, our deli bakes bakes muffins, scones and sweet and savory turnovers fresh every morning. 

Rustica deliveries

Everyone loves the local, freshly baked Rustica breads that come in daily, and now we have even more varieties to choose from! On specified weekdays we’ll be offering different specialty breads from Rustica, in addition to the usual favorites:


Sunday: Egg Braid & Pan de Mie White

The egg braid is a rich, four-stranded braid. Pan de Mie White a super tasty white bread. It’s a long, rectangular loaf with a thin, flaky, crunchy crust and a super soft, moist inside.  Great for sandwiches, bread puddings, and French toast!

Wednesday: Beer Bread

A light textured dark loaf that has a tang of fermentation and slight bitterness of beer.

Thursday: Flax Bread

A naturally leavened bread with a slight acidity that is balanced with the nuttiness of wheat and whole wheat flours and whole flax seeds.

Friday: Sesame Levain

Sesame levain has toasted sesames inside and out, giving the bread a sweet contrast to the mild acidity of levain.

Saturday: Pugliese

A wheat bread baked with chunks of potatoes.