Mississippi Market’s cheese selection contains an array of local, artisan, and European varieties from producers throughout the Midwest and across the world. We offer a wide selection of aged and fresh cheeses, including many cow’s milk, goat’s milk, and sheep’s milk varieties.

Featured Cheeses

Cypress Grove Midnight Moon

Cypress Grove Midnight Moon is an ivory-colored goat milk cheese that is aged for six months or more. Full of nutty, brown butter flavor, this dense cheese finishes with a smooth, creamy caramel finish. This award winning cheese pairs well with fig jam, seeded crackers, and whole grain breads.

Deer Creek The Robin

Deer Creek strives to bring the very best and most consistent cheeses to marketplace by hand selecting outstanding specialty vats. They work with some of the very best cheese makers in Wisconsin to develop and handcraft superb unique cheeses and classic heritage varieties. Their artisanal, award winning cheeses are full of exceptional flavors. The Robin, a buttery take on classic Colby cheese named after Wisconsin’s state bird that returns each spring as winter’s end nears, pairs nicely with fruit, crackers, nuts, and summer sausage.

Castle Rock Organic Farms Cheese Curds

Castle Rock Organic Farms in Osseo, Wisconsin practices quality craftsmanship in all of their endeavors. They strive to keep their farm as sustainable as possible, giving their dairy cows plenty of living space and fresh air to ensure animal health. Certified organic crops are grown to feed the cows and the farm has a deep reverence for the symbiotic relationship between soil health, plants, animals, and people. We highly recommend their fresh, squeaky, organic cheese curds.

Mariekie Raw Milk Gouda

Mariekie Gouda is a local cheese company that creates signature cheeses using authentic Old World recipes, fresh raw milk from rBGH-free cows, and imported herbs and spices from Holland. A native of the Netherlands, Marieke moved to Thorp, Wisconsin to set up the farmstead cheese-making operation, replicating traditional Dutch Gouda in the finest fashion. Her traditional Dutch raw milk Goudas have been recognized nationally and international for their unique flavors, winning over 100 awards.