Perfect Pairings

Different kinds of cheese on wooden background

The general rule for the perfect cheese plate is to diversify the flavors and textures- choose a Blue, Brie, Gouda, and cheddar to give a variety of options. Add in a goat cheese for extra variety. Here are some of our recommendations on where to start:

#1 St. Pete’s Select Blue | Faribault, MN

Making Minnesota proud since 1938- America’s oldest Blue. Perfectly veined, this blue brings you right up to the edge and then mellows out.

Named after the type of sandstone that forms the caves, St. Pete’s Select is a signature premium American blue cheese. It is aged in the sandstone caves of Caves of Faribault for 110 days.

#2 Bent River Camembert | Mankato, MN

This is a remarkable cheese from one of the few local producers brave enough to work with Camembert/Brie-style cheeses. Creamy, mushroomy, and buttery: serve this cheese to your out-of-state guests.

If you didn’t know that Alemar Cheese Company is located in Mankato, you would think you were eating the creamy camembert of France. We are proud to call these cheeses from our home state.

#3 Marieke’s Smoked Gouda | Throp, WI

Some of the finest Gouda in the world! This award-winning cheese is full of flavor, including a gentle smokey finish.

A native to the Netherlands, Marieke moved to Thorp, WI adn set up a farmstead cheese-making operation, replicating traditional Dutch Grouda in the finest fashion.

#4 Red Barn Heritage Cheddar | Appleton, WI

Aged over 12 months, this cheddar is creamy and smooth with a mild nutty flavor.

This local cheddar hails from Appleton, Wisconsin and is owned by Dr. Terry Homan, a veterinarian who believes in the importance animal welfare. He states that he will use his scientific knowledge and skills “for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and the promotion of public health.”

Our cheese selection offers a variety of artisan and everyday cheeses from both local and distant producers. We offer a huge variety of cow’s milk cheeses as well as cheeses made from goat’s milk and sheep’s milk. Let our cheeses carry your taste buds from Minnesota to Europe and back again.