Mississippi Market’s cheese selection contains an array of local, artisan, and European varieties from producers throughout the Midwest and across the world. We offer a wide selection of aged and fresh cheeses, including many cow’s milk, goat’s milk, and sheep’s milk varieties.

Featured Cheeses

Donnay Dairy Organic Chevre

We love this light, spreadable, creamy goat milk cheese! Slightly tangy, this organic chevre goes great on summer salads, pizzas, burgers, and bagels or paired with a selection of fresh fruit and veggies. Freshly made in Kimball, Minnesota by fourth generation family farmers Brad and Leanne Donnay, its exquisite taste is the result of their dedication to small batch on-site production. The key to its great flavor lays in the health of their Saanan dairy goats, which are never given hormones. We guarantee you’ll love this artisanal award-winning cheese as much as we do!

Pasture Pride Juusto

Locally made in Cashton, Wisconsin, Pasture Pride Juusto is a traditional version of the 200 year old Scandinavian cheese Juustolepia, which roughly translates as “bread cheese”. Pre-baked in special ovens, this award winning cheese is buttery, squeaky, and toasty with a caramelized crust. It is recommended that this baked cheese be served warm to truly bring out its rich flavors. It’s also a wonderful cheese for summer grilling and goes great paired with jam, honey, maple syrup, salsa and savory dips.