Dairy & Eggs

Local farmers and producers keep us well stocked with antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and organic varieties of milk, eggs, butter, yogurt and sour cream. We’re proud to carry free-range eggs from 2 local farmers treating their animals with care – Callister eggs & Schultz certified organic. We offer local brown and white eggs in bulk – use one of our cartons or bring your own for a 10 cent discount! We also carry a full selection of dairy-free alternative products for our lactose intolerant, kosher and vegan shoppers.

Favorite local item!


Straight from Forest Lake, MN and just in time for the holidays, Autumnwood eggnog has arrived at our Selby & Dale store. Also, look for eggnog brought to us from Kalona SuperNatural, Castle Rock Creamery, and Organic Valley. This time of year, there is no shortage of nog at the co-op!

autumnwood eggnog web

“From the “grass to the glass,” Autumnwood Dairy brings farm-fresh goodness to every glass of milk it produces. Naturally grazed cows, environmentally sound farming practices, and an on-site micro-creamery make Autumnwood Farm milk products the freshest in town.”
- Autumnwood Farm

For our dairy-free friends, Silk Holiday Nog and So Delicious coconut milk nog are also on our shelves at our Selby & Dale store now, too.

soy nog web