Fridge & Freezer

Our refrigerated section highlights all of your favorite fresh and natural refrigerated food items. Mississippi Market offers a plethora of refrigerated meat alternatives such as tofu, tempeh, and seitan, fermented products such as pickles, and kimchi, as well as natural ready-to-bake items, hummus and other spreads and dips.

What are we loving right now?

Talenti eggnog

Looking for the perfect ice cream accompaniment to your holiday pies? Leave the vanilla at home and bring out this deicious number – Talento eggnog gelato! It goes especially well with pumpkin and apple pies, but we’re betting it would also be amazing with pecan pie, too.

People have also been known to simply eat it right out of the container. We see no shame in that. There are also people who think that blending some of this with a bit of whiskey or bourbon would make an out-of-this-world adult malt.





Our frozen foods department features choices ranging from traditional “convenience” foods to convenient natural alternatives. Mississippi Market offers organic frozen vegetables and fruits, entrees, pizzas, and snacks all which make healthier eating quick and easy. We also carry a delicious variety of local and traditional desserts for the dairy and non-dairy enthusiast alike!