Fridge & Freezer

Our refrigerated section highlights all of your favorite fresh and natural refrigerated food items. Mississippi Market offers a plethora of refrigerated meat alternatives such as tofu, tempeh, and seitan, fermented products such as pickles, and kimchi, as well as natural ready-to-bake items, hummus and other spreads and dips.

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Trempeleau Hotel Walnut Burgers

The Historic Trempeleau Hotel in Trempeleau WI has been serving these meatless patties since 1986 and they remain a favorite local, meatless option for our member-owners. These Walnut Burgers are easy to prepare and are an excellent source of protein, calciumiron, and contains NO preservatives or additives. The best part is that the burger’s main ingredient – walnuts – provide heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

Beyond the burger, these patties can be cumbled up to use as a stuffing or sautees with some veggies a side dish. Find Trempeleau Hotel Walnut Burgers in our freezer case.

Our frozen foods department features choices ranging from traditional “convenience” foods to convenient natural alternatives. Mississippi Market offers organic frozen vegetables and fruits, entrees, pizzas, and snacks all which make healthier eating quick and easy. We also carry a delicious variety of local and traditional desserts for the dairy and non-dairy enthusiast alike!