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Fremented Favorites

The increased amout of probiotics found in these fermented items make them a hot seller. Why are fermented foods getting so much attention? Because the process of fermenting creates beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and various strains of probiotics, which have been proven to aid digestive health. Here are some of our favorite fermented foods.

Fierce Ferments

These local ferments are made by three friend in the City Food Studio, a South Minneapolis commercial kitchen. Fierce Ferments sources organic produce from small-scale farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin whenever possible to make their award-winning raw vegetable ferments. Look for their mild kim-chi, sauerkraut, and curtido in our refridgerated case.

Angelica’s Garden

Local farmer, Angelica Hollstadt is the creator of Angelica’s Garden. Angelica has been providing farm-to-table goodness since 1997. Angelica and her husband, Mike, grow two acres of organic green cabbage, napa cabbage, garlic, and daikon radishes in Elmwood, Wisconsin. Angelica ferments her Kim Chi, Raw Sauerkraut, Raw Red Cabbage & Ginger Ferment in the basement of their farmhouse. Look for these local ferments in our refridgerated coolers.

Farmhouse Culture


Farmhouse Culture krauts were founded by Kathryn Lukas, a food alchemist and classically trained chef. She first fell in love with sauerkraut (“kraut”) while cooking in the restaurant she owned in Stuggart, Germany. When she returned to her native California, Kathryn started introducing the taste of fresh organic kraut to the area and began reviving the ancient tradition of natural fermentation. Since launching in 2008, Farmhouse Culture has created innovative ferments inspired by global flavors, the finest local, all organic ingredients, and organic cabbage, grown year-round in California.

Look for Farmhouse Culture Caraway Organic Kraut, Smoked Jalapeno Organic Kraut, and Garlic Dill Pickle Organic Kraut in our refridgerated cooler.


Our refrigerated section highlights all of your favorite fresh and natural refrigerated food items. Mississippi Market offers a plethora of refrigerated meat alternatives such as tofu, tempeh, and seitan, fermented products such as pickles, and kimchi, as well as natural ready-to-bake items, hummus and other spreads and dips.

Our frozen foods department features choices ranging from traditional “convenience” foods to convenient natural alternatives. Mississippi Market offers organic frozen vegetables and fruits, entrees, pizzas, and snacks all which make healthier eating quick and easy. We also carry a delicious variety of local and traditional desserts for the dairy and non-dairy enthusiast alike!