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Featured local favorite – Trempealeau Walnut Burgers



Looking for a local veggie burger? The Trempealeau Walnut Burger is just for you. This burger got its start at the Historic Trempealeau Hotel. They took a bunch of walnuts and a little Wisconsin cheese, added some eggs, bread crumbs, onions, tamari, and a dab of oil.

The hotel began serving the walnut burger in 1986 when the owners wanted to add some additional vegetarian items to their menu. The burger became so popular that customers started asking to take them home. As a result, the restaurant started selling them in frozen four-packs and then to co-ops and grocery stores.

You can find the Trempealeau Walnut Burger at Mississippi Market in the freezer near the other veggie burgers.

TIP: We recommended putting foil on your grill to stop the crumbles from falling through the cracks. These burgers also fry up well in a pan on your stovetop.

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