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A Holiday Must-Have – Egg Nog & And Non-Dairy Nog

Delicious Eggnog

When planning your holiday get-togethers, don’t forget the nog! Gone are the days of when egg nog was only available the week before Christmas. Now you can get egg nog starting in November and lasting throught New Years. Also behind us are the days when it was only made with eggs. Now nogs are made without eggs, so even more people can get into the holiday. At Mississippi Market, you’ll find all kinds of nog.

Our dairy options include:

  • Local Kalona SuperNatural egg nog
  • Local Organic Vally egg nog
  • Horizon lowfat egg nog

Our non-dairy options include:

  • Califia Almond nog
  • So Delicious coconut nog
  • Silk almond nog
  • Silk soy nog

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