Grocery & Frozen

Mississippi Market’s grocery department provides a great selection of high quality products with an emphasis on organically grown, locally produced, minimally processed, and minimally packaged foods. We offer a full selection of the same packaged and frozen products that you would find in a conventional supermarket, but without all of the artificial additives. We also stock products for special dietary needs including wheat-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and macrobiotic, as well as unrefined sweeteners, and low sodium alternatives.

Featured Grocery Items

Kickapoo Coffee

Founded in 2005, Kickapoo Coffee Roasters is a local coffee company based in Viroqua, WI. For over a decade, they’ve been working closely with coffee farmers dedicated to growing high quality beans and paying their workers fair compensation. In February 2017, Kickapoo began offering new organic blends including a few of their customers’ previous favorites along with some new choices. Inspired by the company’s environmental commitment and the 80-panel solar array that powers their Viroqua roastery, the new blends pay homage to the light spectrum, wavelengths, and astrological phenomenon. New blends include Organic Full Spectrum, Organic Infrared, Organic Driftless, Organic Low Impact Decaf, Organic Radio Wave, and Organic Supernova. Keep an eye out for these new blends in our bulk and packaged grocery departments.

Bare Honey

A local favorite, Bare Honey produces a variety of flavored honey made without the use of harmful chemical pesticides, GMOs, or antibiotics. We carry an array of their naturally flavored, bee pollen fortified honey, including raw wildflower, vanilla bean honey spread, cinnamon honey, lavender blossom, and hot and spicy – a smoky sweet blend of chili peppers and honey. Their newest product is a creamy chocolate honey spread that goes great on fruit, yogurt, and ice cream.

Tanka Bars

All-natural Tanka bars are made using fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices, and 100% grass-fed, prairie-raised buffalo. These snack bars are gluten-, MSG-, nitrate-, and hormone-free. Native buffalo raised on the local Oglala Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and tart-sweet cranberries serve as the main ingredients in each Tanka bar. Multiple varieties are available, including slow smoked original, jalapeno, spicy pepper, and more. These delicious low-fat bars are a perfect on-the-go snack. Produced by Native American Natural Foods, Tanka Bars aid in the restoration and preservation of Native American lands and ecosystems while providing a local source of value-added income.

Jonny Pops

Johnny Pops frozen fruit and cream bars are locally made in St. Louis Park, Minnesota with simple, wholesome, all-natural ingredients. Each Jonny Pop is crafted with real fruits, cream, and cane sugar and no artificial flavors or colors. Plus, each of their seven flavors are certified Kosher, gluten-free and made in a nut-free facility. Flavors include strawberries and cream, mango and cream, pineapple coconut and cream, and more. As an added bonus, each frozen fruit bar stick is stamped with a positive message of encouragement and kindness. A portion of all proceeds are donated to Hazelden Foundation, a local substance abuse and addiction facility.

Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top ice cream is made with all-natural ingredients and is low-calorie, low-sugar, and low-carb. This great tasting ice cream is also high in protein and is certified Kosher and gluten-free. Their products are made using Stevia, a plant-based sweetener, as a sugar substitute and erythritol, an all-natural sweetener found in fruits that doesn’t affect blood glucose or cause bloating. We highly recommend their Birthday Cake and Peanut Butter Cup flavors.