Grocery & Frozen

Mississippi Market’s grocery department provides a great selection of high quality products with an emphasis on organically grown, locally produced, minimally processed, and minimally packaged foods. We offer a full selection of the same packaged and frozen products that you would find in a conventional supermarket, but without all of the artificial additives. We also stock products for special dietary needs including wheat-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and macrobiotic, as well as unrefined sweeteners, and low sodium alternatives.

Featured Grocery & Frozen Items

Beyond Meat – The Beyond Burger

Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger is the world’s first plant-based burger that looks and cooks like its beef counterpart. 100% vegan and made with 20 grams of plant protein per serving, the Beyond Burger contains no GMOs, soy, or gluten. Beyond Meat is dedicated to improving human and environmental health while positively impacting climate change, conserving natural resources, and respecting animal welfare. Compared to a beef burger, the Beyond Burger has more iron per serving, less saturated fat, and zero cholesterol. Plus, since it’s entirely plant-based, there’s absolutely no antibiotics or hormones present.

The Beez Kneez – Raw Honey

Based in Minneapolis, The Beez Kneez promotes sustainable urban beekeeping and utilizes their bees to make incredibly flavorful small batch raw honey that is delivered by bicycle. The honey imparts unique flavors because the bees forage for different types of natural pollen from plants such as clover, wildflowers, buckwheat, and more. Mississippi Market is an urban apiary partner of The Beez Kneez, hosting honey bee hives on the rooftop of our West 7th store! Bottled Beez Kneez honey harvested from Mississippi Market’s West 7th store rooftop hives will soon be available for sale at the co-op.

Upton’s Naturals – Seitan and Jackfruit

Based in Chicago, Upton’s Naturals creates protein-packed meat alternatives using vegan values. Since 2006, they’ve produced many delicious varieties of seitan and jackfruit. Seitan, a traditional Japanese food made from rinsing the starch away from wheat while retaining its protein, is a vegan meat-alternative low in fat with zero cholesterol. Jackfruit, a very fibrous type of fruit native to Southeast Asia, has a texture similar to that of shredded meat. You can find many flavorful seasoned seitan and jackfruit items from Upton’s in our grocery department.

Maple Valley Cooperative – Organic Maple Syrup

Enjoy the earthly flavors of organic maple syrup from Maple Valley Cooperative. Harvested in the Great Lakes region, this 100-percent-pure maple syrup is produced with the greatest care given to sustainable harvesting methods and social responsibility. It is free of additives, preservatives, and formaldehyde, resulting in a high-quality product. Goes great on oatmeal and pancakes or used as an ingredient when taking part in a master cleanse. This organic, Wisconsin-made maple syrup is also Kosher.