Saint Paul Switchel – simple, restorative & refreshing

We can’t get enough of this locally-made, small-batch crafted, sweet & tangy beverage.
Long known for its restorative effects, farmers drank this all natural energy drink to stay hydrated during the hard work of hand cutting grass during haying season. Switchel replenished electrolytes, quenched their thirst, cleared their lungs, and reenergized farmers during harvests.

These days, it isn’t just farmers who recognize the qualities of Switchel. St. Paul Switchel makes theirs in small-batches in reusable Mason jars for everyone to enjoy, by blending apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger, and wildflower honey from local bees.


Rishi Tea – local production reveals natural truths

Rishi is a Sanskrit word which means “one who is a seer, sage, or seeker of truth.” Based in Milwaukee, Wis., the team at Rishi embodies this definition by constantly striving to learn more about tea and strengthening their connection to tea and botanicals and the people who grow them.

They strive to reveal the natural truth about tea, which has become so far removed from gardens and kitchens, and overly dependent on labs for synthetic and processed beverages. They want to remind us of some of the natural and simple alternatives for people to live healthy and delicious lives.

We’re proud to sell a variety of Rishi’s award-winning, Organic and Fair Trade Certified teas.


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