Local Helms Sugar Shack Pure Maple Syrup

This 100% pure maple syrup is sourced from nearby Barron, WI and is a natural choice for your breakfast favorites! This syrup is great on pancakes, waffles, and atop steaming hot bowls of thick steel-cut oatmeal.


Equal Exchange Hot Cocoa

Nothing says winter quite like a warm, steeping mug of hot cocoa. We steer towards Equal Exchange’s fair trade organic hot cocoa mix since its ingredients contain cocoa and sugar grown by small co-operative farmers and milk produced by Organic Valley, a Wisconsin-based dairy cooperative.


Rishi Tea – local production reveals natural truths

Rishi is a Sanskrit word which means “one who is a seer, sage, or seeker of truth.” Based in Milwaukee, WI, the team at Rishi embodies this definition by constantly striving to learn more about tea and strengthening their connection to tea, herbal botanicals, and the people who grow them.

Rishi strives to reveal the natural truth about tea, which has become far removed from gardens and kitchens, and overly dependent on labs for synthetic and processed beverages. They remind us of natural, simple alternatives for living healthy, delicious lives. We’re proud to sell a variety of Rishi’s award-winning, Organic and Fair Trade Certified teas.


Our grocery department provides a great selection of high quality products with an emphasis on organically grown, locally produced, minimally processed, and minimally packaged foods. We offer a full selection of the same packaged and frozen products that you would find in a conventional supermarket, but without all of the artificial additives! We also stock products for special dietary needs including wheat-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and macrobiotic, as well as unrefined sweeteners, and low sodium alternatives.