Housewares & Gifts

Mississippi Market offers a bounty of beautiful housewares, gifts, and cards. Find local,  artisan-made pottery, fair trade silk scarves, handmade greeting cards, and a wide cookbook selection, among many unique items

Our carefully selected cookbooks offer great recipes for family meals or just snacks & cocktails. They’re also eye candy to inspire. We recommend Forest Feast – it’s gorgeous and the recipes look amazing!

Forest Feast cookbook

Add instant ambiance to your dinner party, or crank up the cozy on a dark, chilly night. We recommend locally-made Rare Earth candles or Sunbeam Pinecones made from beeswax.

RareEarth Candles

Kids Toys & Books!
Keep the little guys occupied with great books and activities when it’s cold outside. We recommend interactive MoMA Art While You Eat Placemats, YOXO (locally made and recycled) toys, or the beautiful Forever Flowers by Rosen & Danowski