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Kleen Kanteen Bottles and Wood from the Hood Frames

Mississippi Market offers a bounty of beautiful housewares, gifts, and cards. Find local,  artisan-made pottery, fair trade silk scarves, and handmade greeting cards, among many unique items.

We also carry a wide variety of books ranging from food policy nonfiction, to green living guides, to cookbooks!

New Favorite Item:

bees wrap webBees wrap!

We are all completely amazed by this product. Finally, a food storage wrap that’s not plastic!

Bees Wrap is made of organic cotton muslin, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin.  This combination of ingredients creates a malleable food wrap that can be used again and again.

All you have to do it mold the Bee’s Wrap to the top of your dish, or around your hunk of cheese, by using the warmth and pressure of your hands to create a seal.  When the Bee’s Wrap cools (within seconds) it holds its seal.  Use the same method to wrap vegetables, bread, and baked goods (recommended for meat).

And listen to this – the beeswax and jojoba oil have antibacterial qualities that help to keep your food fresh and allow you to use the Bee’s Wrap again and again. Simply wash with cool water and a milk dish soap. Ready to reuse & reuse.