Meat & Seafood

Our in-house butchers at the West 7th store are happy to make suggestions & answer questions.

Mississippi Market’s meat and seafood department provides the best-quality, fairly-priced, sustainably raised beef, chicken, bison, lamb, and seafood. We support farmers and vendors that provide our customers with hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and humanely-raised proteins.

Featured Meat & Seafood Items

Mustard Seed Farm Lamb


Mustard Seed Farm is a prime example of what sets Mississippi Market apart from conventional grocers. This local, family run farm located just over 30 miles from Saint Paul in Marine on St. Croix raises grass-fed, pasture-raised lambs. In 2015, we developed a strong relationship with the farm and started purchasing their lamb for sale in the store, available exclusively at our co-op. Their livestock are never given hormones or antibiotics and are never confined to tight spaces, resulting in more humane living conditions and greater marbling in the finished meat cuts. We are incredibly fortunate to be the only retail store in the country to have Mustard Seed Farm lamb on our shelves!

Atlantic Sapphire Salmon

Atlantic Sapphire’s sustainably farm-raised salmon is the only kind to have been awarded the highest rankings of “best choice” from SeafoodWatch, OceanWise, and SeaChoice. Their premium salmon is farmed on land in a bio-secure aquaculture system, meaning it never comes in contact with harmful pathogens and parasites and does not have adverse negative impacts on natural ecosystems. Since it is raised in a controlled environment, fish health can be more closely monitored, meaning no GMOs, antibiotics, pesticides, synthetic colors, or other chemical treatments are required, resulting in a more sustainable alternative to other types of conventional fish farming. Chefs in Norway have attested to Atlantic Sapphire salmon having a very similar taste and texture to wild caught varieties. Try some of this high quality, fresh fish today!

Pastures A Plenty Bacon

Pastures A Plenty is your local source for pasture-raised, drug-free pork, beef and chicken. This family owned and operated farm located in Kerkoven, Minnesota raises livestock using a holistic management model that focuses not only on high quality products but considers the environment, family, community, and long-term profitability as well. Berkshire and Duroc hog breeds are raised since they produce the tastiest pork products, like flavorful, grass-fed Pastures A Plenty bacon.

Ferndale Oven Roasted Turkey

New to Ferndale’s product line, their locally raised, free-range, oven roasted turkey is a great alternative for people wanting a delicious turkey breast without the smoky flavor found in their other products. This delicious turkey raised without antibiotics and processed without additives is fully cooked, ready to eat, and goes great in sandwiches, soups, salads, or served warm from the oven as a main entree.