Meat & Seafood

Pre-order your Thanksgiving turkey!

2013_Turkey_Tips_vertical webLocal, free-range turkeys are available by reservation and in our stores in a wide range of sizes as “first-come, first-serve” in mid-November. Reserve your turkeys before Nov. 21. As in years past, we will have two varieties of free-range, all-natural, locally raised turkey.

Kadejan provides our fresh, free-range turkeys and Schultz provides our organic birds, which are only available frozen. Both varieties are available for pre-order from November 1-21 and will be available in our stores starting in mid-November. You can make your turkey pre-order at the customer service desk at both locations or at the meat & seafood service counter at our West 7th St. store.

We will also be carrying Ferndale Farms local and free-range turkeys in our stores this year in order to offer a wider selection of locally-raised birds.

Why do grass-fed beef prices continue to go up?

Cattle on grassYou may have noticed that the price of grass-fed beef has continued to rise since this June. There are many factors contributing to these increases. Some of these include increased demand, smaller herds, the cost of land, cost of feed, and recent droughts. Unfortunately, this trend seems likely to continue. Farmers have had to push their increased costs onto us. In order to continue to provide local, quality, sustainably and ethically raised beef we’ve had to raise our prices.

Mississippi Market strives to support localorganicantibiotic-free and hormone-free meat producers, knowing exactly where our meats come from and how the animals were raised. In fact, about 90% of the meat we purchase comes from local producers or locally-owned businesses! Our West 7th store location offers a full-service meat counter serving locally produced beef, pork, and lamb that are all cut and ground in-house.

Since our in-house butchers at the West 7th store provide fresh cuts to the Selby store, you’ll be able to find what you are looking for at both of our locations.

Our in-house butchers at the West 7th store are happy to make suggestions & answer questions.

Our in-house butchers at the West 7th store are happy to make suggestions & answer questions.