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Mustard Seed Farm

Mustard Seed Farm is a prime example of what sets Mississippi Market apart from conventional grocers. This local, family run farm located just over 30 miles from Saint Paul in Marine on St. Croix raises grass-fed, pasture-raised lambs and cattle. In 2015, we developed a strong relationship with the farm and started purchasing their lamb for sale in our stores, enabling them to offer it year-round, available exclusively at our co-op. We recently began selling their 100% grass-fed Red Angus beef, a unique beef with an excellent flavor similar in taste and texture to Black Angus beef.


Their lambs and cattle are never given hormones or antibiotics and are never confined to tight spaces, resulting in more humane living conditions. We are incredibly fortunate to be the only retail store in the country to have Mustard Seed Farm products on our shelves.


Chicken at Mississippi Market

The chicken we sell at Mississippi Market comes from three different growers that have impecable records in raising their animals humanely: Kadejan Farms in Glenwood, MN, Schultz Organic Farm in Owatonna, MN, and Gerber Amish Farm in Kidron, OH.


We are proud of our long-standing relationships with the local farmers at Kadejan and Schultz Organic. We are also happy to provide value-priced chicken from Gerber Amish Farm. All of these growers take excellent care of their birds.

~ Kadejan, Schultz, and Gerber turn the barn lights off at night, allowing their chickens to actually sleep. Most chicken farms leave the lights on 24 hours a day so the chickens just keep eating.

~ All chicken sold at the co-op have had space to move around in the barns.

~ All chickens have had access to the outdoors where they get exercise. In fact we were told by Kadejan that, “when you catch our birds, you have to chase them.”

~ All chickens have been raised free of growth hormones.

You can rest assured that the chicken sold at Mississippi Market come from farms that have room to roam and are never give growth stimulants. Ultimately, the chicken that you find at the co-op is flavorful and delicious thanks to the humane treatment they receive on these farms.


Our in-house butchers at the West 7th store are happy to make suggestions & answer questions.

Our in-house butchers at the West 7th store