Great on the grill!

2014_Grilling Corn enews

Local, Wisconsin-grown sweet corn is in from Wheatfield Hill Organics. It’s so good that you could almost eat it raw, but we suggest cooking it on the grill. Each kernal bursts will summer flavor.

Michigan Blueberries!

There’s nothing else to say about the Michigan blueberries besides, they’re here and they will not disappoint! You can get them by the pint for by the flat.


Favorite seasonal produce – Dapple Dandy Pluots!


Pluot? What’s that?
Pluots are half-plum/half-apricot stone fruits are colorful, sweet and tangy.  Not only do Dapple Dandy pluots have a sweet name, but their sweet juiciness is so good we feel obligate to spread the word. Leave them on the counter for a couple days and they only get sweeter.

Here for a limited time – Door County cherries!


Cherry cobbler, pie, jam, bounce… Door Country cherries are here and ready for you, no matter how you like to eat yours.

Remember, if there’s anything you’d like to try, just ask a produce team member, and we’ll be happy to cut a sample for you!

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