More Co+op Deals

On sale for everyone • September 21 – October 4, 2016

Co+op Deals
Everyone saves with co+op deals – no need to be a member-owner to enjoy these savings!


Autumn Root Vegetable Salad - sale $5.99/lb (reg $6.99/lb)
Bailey’s Irish Cream Roll – sale $6.99ea (reg $7.99ea)


Local Alemar Bent River Camembert – sale $2.00 off (reg $22.99/lb)
Local Deer Creek “The Stag” – sale $2.00 off (reg $18.99/lb)
Local Deer Creek “The Rattlesnake” – sale $1.00 off (reg $14.99/lb)
Local Sartori Raspberry Bellavitano - sale $1.00 off (reg $14.99/lb)
Uniekaas Meadowkaas - sale $9.99/lb (reg $12.99/lb)
Capra Goat Cheese w/Honey – sale $1.00 off (reg $12.79/lb)

Produce (September 21 – September 27)

Organic Yellow Colorado Peaches - sale $2.99/lb (reg $3.99/lb)

Meat & Seafood

Local Grass Run Farms Stew Meat – sale $6.99/lb (reg $9.99/lb)
Local Grass Run Farms Bottom Round Roast – sale $6.99/lb (reg $7.99/lb)
Local Kadejan Chicken Wings – sale $2.49/lb (reg $2.99/lb)
Local Kadejan Dry Rubbed Chicken Wings – sale $4.49/lb (reg $4.99/lb)
Local Kadejan Seasoned Chicken Wings – sale $4.49/lb (reg $4.99/lb)
Local Kadejan Teriyaki Chicken Wings – sale $4.49/lb (reg $4.99/lb)
Local Pastures A’ Plenty Smoked Ham Hocks – sale $3.99ea (reg $4.99ea)
Mississippi Market Made Porketta Seasoned Pork Roast – sale $4.99/lb (reg $5.99/lb)
Mississippi Market Made Bulk Italian Chicken Sausage – sale $4.99/lb (reg $5.99/lb)


Local Peace Coffee Organic French Roast – sale $9.99/lb (reg $12.49/lb)
Local Kickapoo Organic Cast Iron Roast Coffee – sale $9.99/lb (reg $12.59/lb)
Local Schroeder Heavy Whipping Cream, pint – sale $2.99ea (reg $3.59ea)
Local Sunrise Gourmet 3 Cheese Ravioli, 12oz frozen – sale $4.59ea (reg $5.59ea)
Local Ames Farm Blooming Prairie Honey, 12oz – sale $6.59ea (reg $7.99ea)
Local Bare Honey 10oz varieties – sale $6.79ea (reg $7.99ea)
Local Buddy’s Artisian Peanut Butter, 16oz varieties - sale $5.39ea (reg $6.59ea)
Dave’s Gourmet Organic Garlic Basil Pasta Sauce, 25.5oz – sale $5.99ea (reg $7.99ea)
Eden Organic Apple Sauce, 25oz – sale $4.39ea (reg $5.49ea)
Farmer’s Market Organic Pumpkin, 15oz can – sale 2 for $5 (reg $3.29ea)
Local Five Friends Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Freshbar, 3ct – sale $4.39pk (reg $4.99pk)
Local GoMacro Organic Cashew Butter Bar, 2oz – sale $2.49ea (reg $2.99ea)
Lotus Organic Forbidden Rice Ramen, 10oz – sale $4.39ea (reg $5.99ea)
Oatmega Dark Chocolate Peanut Bar, 1.8oz – sale $1.59ea (reg $2.19ea)
Local Restore the Earth All Purpose Cleaner, 22oz spray – sale $3.59ea (reg $4.59ea)
Rustic Crust Italian Thin Pizza Crust, 10oz – sale $3.99ea (reg $4.99ea)
Safe Catch Wild Albacore Tuna, 5oz – sale $3.59ea (reg $4.49ea)
Local Salsa Lisa Hot Salsa, 32oz – sale $4.99ea (reg $5.99ea)
Local Tanka Buffalo Cranberry Bar, 1oz – sale $2.39ea (reg $2.99ea)
Local Tiny But Mighty Popcorn, 20oz – sale $4.59ea (reg $5.49ea)
Local Triple Crown Organic BBQ Sauce, 14oz - sale $4.99ea (reg $5.99ea)
Wendel’s Prairie Milled White Bread, 21oz - sale $3.39ea (reg $4.39ea)
Local Westby Butter, 1lb – sale $4.59/lb (reg $5.49/lb)
Local Whole Me Almond Coconut Granola Clusters, 8oz – sale $4.99ea (reg $6.99ea)


Dr. Hauschka, all facial care products – sale 20% off
SpaRoom, all Nebulizers and Diffusers – sale 20% off
Veriditas, all Essential Oils and Blends – sale 20% off
Honey Girl Organics, all body care items – sale 15% off
Griffin Remedies, all body care items – sale 15% off
Garden of Life, Raw Protein, Protein & Greens, and Fit Protein items - sale 25% off
MegaFood, all supplements - sale 20% off