Image for 2017 Member-Owner Appreciation Day Bulk Sale

Please join us on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 for our Member-Owner Appreciation Day Bulk Sale – member-owners receive 10% off all bulk items*, including bulk spices, tea, coffee, cleaners, soaps and lotions, at all three of our store locations.

We’d like to thank you for being a part of our cooperative community. Mississippi Market continues to thrive thanks to the support of our dedicated member-owners. Because of you, we’ve been able to offer local and organic foods to our St. Paul neighbors for nearly 40 years! Thank you for your continued commitment to values-based community building and sustaining a robust regional food economy. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Not yet a co-op member? There’s no better time to join than now, during our annual Member-Owner Drive!

*Discount does not apply to non-discountable items (such as eggs, cut flowers, bulk produce items, cut your own soaps, and special orders)


Why Buy in Bulk?

Buying in bulk means less food waste, less packaging waste, and lower prices. We’re big on bulk because it means buying products with minimal or no packaging in the exact quantities you need. You can even bring in your own reusable containers to fill. The best part is that it’s easier on the earth and your wallet!

Did you know buying in bulk can be significantly cheaper than purchasing packaged food?

Bulk Items Packaged Items
King Arthur unbleached flour – $0.69/lb King Arthur unbleached flour (5lb) – $1.40/lb
Organic, fair trade sugar – $2.29/lb Wholesome Sweeteners organic, fair trade sugar – $3.50/lb
Rapunzel organic vegetable bouillon cubes – $0.90/qt Imagine organic vegetable broth in carton – $3.99/qt
Organic, locally grown bulk popcorn – $0.19/3oz Newman’s Own Organic Popcorn – $1.26/3oz bag


Learn more about buying in bulk, including tips and temperatures for storage lengths.


Can members use their coupons in conjunction with the discount?

Yes! Monthly 10% off member-owner coupons, found in the back of our Market Medley newsletter, can be combined with the Bulk Sale 10% off discount. Co-op staff who are member-owners may also use their employee discount in conjunction with the Bulk Sale discount.

Can people who become members the day of the sale get the 10% discount? 

Yes! New members who sign up on or before October 3rd during our annual Member-Owner Drive will be eligible to participate in the Bulk Sale and receive the discount. New member-owners who sign up on or before October 3rd will also receive a $5 co-op gift card, a reusable market tote bag, and a coupon for a free coffee or tea from our deli.

What if a member shops in the morning and comes back again in the evening? Do they get the discount both times? 

Yes! Member-owners will receive the 10% discount no matter how many times they return or shop at any co-op store location on October 3rd.

What if a member wants a product that is out of stock? Can they get the discount later? 

No, there will be no rain checks.

Can members of other co-ops receive the one-day 10% discount? 

No, you must be a member-owner of Mississippi Market to be eligible.