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About the Series

While celebrated and even elevated, more often, when placed on the roster of American cuisine, soul food has been isolated and overlooked as representing struggle and unhealthiness. People don’t often think of the multicultural ingredients and food traditions that were melded together to form what we now know as soul food. Nevertheless, the space and time is now being made to reclaim the narrative on soul food not only as a food of perseverance and ingenuity, but as a compendium of superfoods and transformative ingredients used to usher us down the path of healing, sustainability, innovation and, most importantly, deliciousness!

In this seven-part series, you will dig deeper with Chef Lachelle to reveal what has been lost and forgotten about this major pillar in the foundation of American cuisine. While uncovering the plant-based foundations of soul food and how these nostalgic flavors are built, you will learn some of the medicinal plant wisdom passed down through generations. Throughout this series, Chef Lachelle will connect her personal food story to the story of her ancestors as she demonstrates creating delicious plant-based recipes that help to heal and restore the body. We welcome you to join us in honoring soul food and giving it its proper place in culinary history.