Image for Change is in the Air

A message to member-owners from General Manager Gail Graham

One of the more common member requests we receive is switching from paper to electronic member discounts. Our cash register provider recently updated their software, making it feasible for us to finally implement this request. We know the member discount is a popular benefit. Making it more easily accessible is a welcome change. However, as is often the case, when one thing changes, others tend to follow.

One of these changes includes a transition from bimonthly member newsletters to seasonal quarterly ones starting in July. With these changes, we’ll be aligning electronic member discounts to the new publication cycle of our quarterly Market Medley. Instead of receiving two printed 10% off coupons in each Medley, member-owners will gain access to quarterly electronic discounts associated with their respective member number beginning in July. The new electronic member discounts will be valid during the three-month quarter in which each newsletter is published. For example, the first quarterly Medley and its associated electronic member discount will be valid from July through September. Quarterly member discounts will be good for 10% off one purchase, up to a maximum of $25 off a single $250 purchase. Since they are associated with member numbers, cashiers will receive a prompt to remind members if one has not been used toward the end of each quarter.

Another change taking place is that new electronic member discounts won’t “stack” on top of others. For example, LIME members and co-op employees will continue to get their regular every-day discounts on purchases, but won’t receive an additional 10% off from quarterly member discounts. Member-owners receiving senior discounts on Thursdays will still be able to use their quarterly member discount on other days of the week. We understand that some members will be unhappy with these changes. I encourage you to reach out to me directly to express your concerns.

Many Mississippi Market members value contributing to a just and fair food system and increasing access to healthful food. These values must often be held alongside the need to balance your family’s budget while putting good food on the table. You’ve shared desires for lower prices, fairly-paid farmers, and co-op staff’s access to good wage and benefit programs. Harmonizing these dynamic tensions is inherent in balancing different demands, which happens alongside the important work of balancing the co-op’s budget.

As we collectively work to thrive in an ever-evolving, increasingly competitive grocery landscape, cooperative values will remain front and center. Mississippi Market contributes to a better world by continually meeting our communities’ needs, supporting local growers and producers, and ensuring a just food system that broadens access to healthful foods. We believe that cooperation and collaboration are ingredients for healthy neighborhoods and remain committed to working efficiently while delivering a great experience for all co-op shoppers. Thank you for continuing to support these ongoing efforts.