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Run N Fun is a family-owned running store located on Randolph Avenue in Saint Paul’s West 7th neighborhood. Read our Q&A with co-owner Kari Bach below to learn more about this local business!

How long has Run N Fun been in Saint Paul?

My husband Perry and I established Run N Fun 30 years ago. We now have three locations: Saint Paul, Burnsville and Woodbury. Our Burnsville location opened 10 years ago, and the Woodbury store opened two years ago.

Why did you open a running shop?

Our business plan when we first opened was to focus on high school and college athletes in track and field and cross country. We loved working with the kids and watching them grow as athletes and young adults. Once we mastered that, we added the remainder of the runners and walkers — our goal is to fit them into a proper shoe to help keep them healthy and meet their fitness goals.

What makes Run N Fun unique?

We provide an inviting and family-like atmosphere, welcoming people of all walks of life and every fitness level. We have highly trained staff to help each and every customer in a very friendly and non-intimidating way.

What are your mission and values as a community business?

Our goal is to find you the best pair of running or walking shoes by analyzing your feet, gait and unique biomechanics. High school track and field is also a big part of our business. Our goal with high school athletes is not only to fit them for shoes but also encourage them and let them know that working hard, being humble and doing the best you can is what a winner is, not necessarily winning the race.

What products and services do you offer?

Running shoes, racing flats, spikes and a large selection of apparel and accessories to meet all your running needs. We also offer free shoe fittings and foot analysis. Different shoes are made with different support systems. Through our foot analysis we determine what kind of support your foot needs to keep your knees and hips in alignment. This is important to stay injury-free and to preserve your knees and hips. We also host runs and walks from the store.

Can you tell us more about the Run N Fun race team?

Our race team is a group of competitive runners that are ambassadors for Run N Fun in the running community. We are also looking at creating a more low-key running group. If you’re interested in learning more or joining, visit the community page on our website.

How can co-op members support Run N Fun right now?

Sending customers our way is what we need most at this time. If you are not in need of shoes now, consider purchasing a gift card to be used later. As a member-owner at the co-op, you can use your Community Partner discount of 20% off full-priced items.

What are your top five recommended hiking, walking or running routes in Saint Paul?

  • Crosby Farm Park
  • Fort Snelling State Park
  • Como Lake and Park
  • Along Summit Ave
  • A loop including Kellogg Blvd and the High Bridge

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