Image for Festive Irish Cheeses

Indulge in unique Irish cheeses this St. Patrick’s Day! Available for a limited-time only at the co-op, and here just once a year, these distinctive cheeses are sure to be a hit with friends and family. Pair this festive dairy with your favorite bread, crackers, fruit and nuts, or alongside an Irish lager or stout.

Coolea Farmhouse Cheese

In the Republic of Ireland, high in the Derrynasaggart Mountains, lies the village of Cuil Aodha. It was there on their family farm that Dick and Helene Willems began making Coolea cheese in the 1980s. This unique Irish cheese is made using a technique similar to Gouda and is aged between 18 to 24 months. Rich, creamy, and dense in texture, Coolea has hints of butterscotch and honey, making it the perfect indulgence for cheese lovers!

Durrus Cheese

Nestled in the lush Coomkeen valley, just outside the village of Durrus, Jeffa Gill and her family have been using traditional techniques to produce handcrafted cheeses since 1979. Made from raw milk, Durrus is a semi-soft washed rind cheese that is aged between three to five weeks. With a pale interior, blushing rind, and fruity yet balanced flavor, it is easy to see why this show-stopping cheese is the recipient of multiple gold medals! Tuck into this unctuous, velvety Irish treasure. It pairs perfectly with ripe, juicy Anjou pears.

Guinness Cheddar

Bold, malty, smooth and complex, who could turn down this new St. Patrick’s Day favorite! We couldn’t help but swoon over the way master cheese makers so lovingly combined two delicious Irish traditions. Enjoy this distinct, mature cheddar atop your favorite hearty bread or crackers for a simple grown-up guilty pleasure!