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A Message from the Board of Directors: GM Hiring Update

The past five months have stretched and challenged our communities and all of us here at Mississippi Market. The twin pandemics of COVID-19 and systemic racism have brought to light the importance of transformative leadership during this critical time in our communities and country. Since mid-March, the board has appreciated the thoughtful and steadfast leadership shown by Catherine Downey, our Interim General Manager, and others within the organization throughout this ever-evolving landscape. Observing the strong leaders on our existing team, we decided to forego a national General Manager search, and instead, opened the application process to internal candidates only. Simultaneously, we engaged Growing Edge Facilitation, a local leadership development organization, to facilitate assessments with staff and board members. These assessments gathered feedback to determine desirable attributes, qualifications, experiences, passions and skillsets needed for the General Manager role moving forward, and gauge the broader possibilities for growth within co-op culture as a whole. We are in the process of finalizing these assessments to inform the interview process, and will soon announce the hiring of our new General Manager.

Kristen Lee
Board President