Image for Healthy & Resourceful New Year’s Eating

By Mississippi Market Chef Partner Kristin Hamaker of Goosefoot Kitchen

I dig the spirit of reflection and revision this time of year when we’re considering New Year’s resolutions. From where I sit, in the Goosefoot Kitchen, my hope is that we can cultivate more delight in cooking, eating, and sharing healthy food. Nothing fancy—just simple, every day, nourishing fare. Here are a few suggestions for healthy and resourceful eating in the New Year.

LET’S COOK: With the regular practice of cooking, an ease and fluidity will arise in the kitchen. Hopefully, you will enjoy your mistake-making, be humbled by it, and take pleasure in the act of learning. Everyday cooking should be about providing healthy and satisfying meals for you and those you share them with.

MAKE A LIST: Rely on a list while at the market and be thoughtful about impulse buying. The list is key in keeping you organized, efficient, and is often gentle on your wallet. Keep to the periphery of the store since that is where the healthiest foods reside, and be braver about buying in bulk.

BULK UP: Speaking of buying in bulk, take advantage of the co-op’s bulk foods department, since you can find everything here from bulk oils, to salt and spices, to a variety of rice and beans. A real money-saver, plus you can buy only what you need for a recipe, which diminishes the possibility of food waste.

EAT THE RAINBOW: At Goosefoot, we hope you eat a little bit of everything, meaning a variety of food groups, colors, and textures, each day and every week. Consider your plate, its balance and dynamics, color and variety – a rainbow on your plate means health and flavor!

PLAN FOR LEFTOVERS: Everyday recipes should, to some degree, qualify as leftovers, meaning they can be stored overnight in the fridge or freezer. This makes a recipe highly valuable since it saves you time, money, and any concern over what to eat tomorrow.