Image for Keeping Your Co-op Healthy

Mississippi Market Co-op takes the threat of potential impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) seriously. We want you to know that we are closely monitoring the situation and taking precautions for the health of our shoppers and staff including taking the following steps to protect our workplace:

  • Provided CDC (Center for Disease Control) training on hand washing and cough/sneezing hygiene practices to all staff.
  • Provided guidance to staff to stay home from work when sick, and reminded managers to follow our policy of sending staff home if they report to work sick.
  • Ordered additional sanitizing and disinfecting products and increased frequency of sanitation.
  • Provided educational signage on hand washing in staff restrooms and break rooms.
  • Eliminated passive samples and testers where direct skin contact occurs.

We are working closely with our suppliers to ensure we have the essentials that you are seeking, like pantry staples, cleaning supplies, and health and body care items. Please be aware that some items may be in short supply.

For more information and updates on coronavirus, please visit the Minnesota Department of Health’s website.