Round 1 Match-Up

Get to know local cheeses available at Mississippi Market during Local Cheese Madness! Our fourth match-up is a blue cheese face off between Shepherd’s Way Farms’ Big Woods Blue and Deer Creek’s The Blue Jay.

Sample these two cheeses in our deli today, March 31st and vote for your favorite from 11:00am-1:00pm. A winner will be chosen based on votes received and will advance onto Round 2. Who will reign supreme? Stay tuned to find out which of our eight competing local cheeses will take home the glory and be on sale for one day only on Tuesday, April 4th.

Shepherd’s Way Farms – Big Woods Blue

Shepherd’s Way Farms is located in Nerstrand, Minnesota where Jodi Read handcrafts small batch cheeses on the Read family farm. Shepherd’s Way is among the first local farmstead sheep’s milk cheese makers in Minnesota and has been crafting them since 1998. Their Big Woods Blue balances the sharpness of a typical blue cheese with the creamy flavor of sheep’s milk to create a complex flavor and finish. It has been named one of the best blue cheeses in the country.



Deer Creek – The Blue Jay

All of Deer Creek’s artisan and specialty aged cheeses are handmade in Wisconsin. Founder Chris Gentine named all of them after characters in a beloved childhood storybook called “The Golden Storybook.” The Blue Jay cheese is a quintuple crème blue infused with juniper berries, making for a bold creamy cheese with a delicately piney bouquet finish.