Image for Cheese Pairing Recommendations From Our East 7th Cheese Buyer

East 7th Cheese Buyer Addie Elling highlights the four Rochdale Farms cheeses being featured at our upcoming virtual wine and cheese tasting. Watch the videos below to learn about the flavor profiles of Rochdale’s Baby Swiss, Driftless Cheddar, Grassfed Blue and Two-Year Cheddar.

When building your cheese board, Addie recommends the following accompaniments from the co-op:

  • La Quercia prosciutto
  • Firehook sea salt crackers
  • Local honey
  • Pam’s Pepper Jam
  • Mitica caramelized walnuts
  • Mitica Marcona almonds
  • Local apples

Rochdale Baby Swiss


“I like to pair it with brighter, more forward flavors like sweet apples or a pepper jam on a cracker.”

Rochdale Driftless Cheddar


“It’s got a little bit of a tanginess just at the end, but otherwise it’s pretty mild just like the Swiss. I would pair it with something that’s a little sweeter, that pops in your mouth, like a sweet apple, some caramelized walnuts, some jam on a cracker — it’s just the perfect treat.”

Rochdale Grassfed Blue


“Because blue cheese is such a strong flavor, I like to pair it with more subtle flavors. Blue cheese with honey is surprisingly a really great flavor that you might not think about right away. And pairing that with prosciutto on a cracker is really something special.”

Rochdale Two-Year Cheddar


“What I like to pair with cheddar, because it’s a more sharp, front-facing cheese, is to cut it with something a little bit more subtle. I like to use Mitica Marcona almonds: the nuttiness and oil offset that sharpness. And also prosciutto, that fatty pork, is a great vehicle to pass through that sharp cheddar.”