Image for Local Meat & Cheese? Yes, Please!

Mix and match locally crafted meats and cheeses at your next holiday gathering for a truly unique experience. When paired with award-winning local cheeses from Red Head Creamery, Deer Crek, and Alemar Cheese, the robust flavors of Red Table Meat Co. dry-cured salamis make for an offering your guests, family, and friends will find hard to refuse.

Red Table The Vecchio with Red Head Creamery Little Lucy Brie

Red Table’s take on classic Italian salami, The Vecchio contains black pepper, garlic, and white wine. With little to distract from your palate, its spices play a supporting role in showcasing the salami’s aged flavor. In contrast, Red Head Creamery Little Lucy Brie provides a nice, tangy juxtaposition to the more refined flavor of The Vecchio. Enjoy Little Lucy Brie while fresh for a grassier taste or ripened in your fridge 1–2 weeks for a more pungent, creamier taste.

Red Table Chet’s ​with Deer Creek The Stag

For a bolder alternative, try Red Table Chet’s, a fennel, garlic, and red pepper salami, paired with Deer Creek The Stag specialty cheddar. This salami’s spiciness perfectly complements the intense, nutty flavors of The Stag, which possesses notes of butterscotch and toffee with hints of crystalline crunch.

Red Table Chuck Fred with Alemar Bent River

Red Table Chuck Fred is a smoky salami with Eastern European influences containing black pepper, nutmeg, allspice, garlic, and white wine. This four-week-aged salami pairs well with Alemar Cheese Bent River, a luscious, creamy, Camembert-inspired soft cheese. Made using grass-fed milk, Bent River is aged for five weeks, resulting in a rich potency that beautifully complements the Chuck Fred’s full-bodied taste.