Founded in 2005, Kickapoo Coffee Roasters is a local coffee company based in Viroqua, WI. For over a decade, they’ve been working closely with coffee farmers dedicated to growing high quality beans and paying their workers fair compensation. To ensure fair wages and market prices, Kickapoo Coffee provides farmers a minimum price for their harvests, guaranteeing labor and production costs are fully covered while creating a more equitable and sustainable coffee supply chain. This farmer focused sourcing model has forged trusted, longstanding partnerships between Kickapoo Coffee and the small scale farmers who supply their beans.

In February 2017, Kickapoo began offering new organic blends including a few of their customers’ previous favorites along with some new choices. Inspired by the company’s environmental commitment and the 80-panel solar array that powers their Viroqua roastery, the new blends pay homage to the light spectrum, wavelengths, and astrological phenomenon. Kickapoo Coffee was one of the first on-site, solar-powered roasteries in the world, meaning less burning of fossil fuels during the roasting process and more responsibly sourced, sustainable coffee roasted.

The new blends, listed from lightest to darkest, include:

  • Organic Seasonal blends – remaining the same
  • Organic Full Spectrum – formerly Espresso Crema
  • Organic Infrared – a new blend inspired by Rooster & Jam Jar
  • Organic Driftless – a new medium dark roast that falls between Driftless Morning and Driftless Dark
  • Organic Low Impact Decaf – formerly Decaf Breakfast Blend
  • Organic Radio Wave – a new blend inspired by Espresso Fuerte and Driftless Dark
  • Organic Supernova – a super dark French roast

Keep an eye out for these new blends at Mississippi Market!

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