Image for Local Profile: Mustard Seed Farm

Mustard Seed Farm is a prime example of what sets Mississippi Market apart from conventional grocers. This local, family run farm located just over 30 miles from Saint Paul in Marine on St. Croix raises grass-fed, pastured lambs and cattle that are processed at a USDA inspected facility in nearby Wisconsin. In 2015, we developed a strong relationship with the farm and started purchasing their lamb for sale in our stores, enabling them to offer it year-round, available exclusively at our co-op. Their lambs and cattle are not given hormones or antibiotics and are never confined to tight spaces, resulting in more humane living conditions, as well as greater marbling and richer taste in the finished product.

As a result of our close relationship with Mustard Seed, they are able to continue growing their business and are working towards being able to provide us with beef year round. We are committed to this valuable partnership that benefits our community by supporting a small family farm and providing our customers with the highest quality lamb and beef products. We are also incredibly fortunate to be the only retail store in the country to have Mustard Seed Farm products on our shelves. We’re very excited to give our customers and staff the opportunity to try delicious meat products at a great price from a wonderful small family-run operation!