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As the New Year begins and resolutions are made, take stock of your personal health with delicious, locally-sourced broths. Co-founded in January 2015 by Mississippi Market member-owner Molly Clark and her good friend Maddy Kaudy, Taking Stock Foods produces three kinds of nourishing bone broths made with organic chicken and a hearty vegan broth full of robust flavors imparted by oyster mushrooms and ginger. Molly and Maddy’s culinary backgrounds in cooking at local restaurants, as well as their partnership with a registered dietitian and nutrition advisor, helped inform Taking Stock’s slow-cooked recipes. An extended 12-hour-long cooking time allows for the extraction of tasty flavors, beneficial minerals, collagen, and amino acids into the broths from bones and vegetables.

While little research has been done tracking bone broths’ health benefits, they’ve been taken for centuries as a healing remedy useful in fighting infectious diseases, treating symptoms of the common cold and reducing inflammation. Traditionally, bone broths have also been used to promote healthy digestion, reduce joint pain, promote strong bones, alleviate autoimmune disease, increase healthy hair and nail growth, and more. Taking Stock’s varieties can be heated and sipped like a tea or used in recipes that call for broth like soups, stews, and slow cooker meals. In drinking form, the savory broths aid in easing hunger because they’re high in protein. They serve as a great replacement for sugary beverages and are the perfect way to rehydrate since they contain naturally occurring electrolytes. Many people also rely on whole-food broths as a staple food item during health cleanses.

Broth varieties include Classic Salted Bone Broth, Classic Unsalted Bone Broth, best-selling Ginger Turmeric Bone Broth, and Vegan Mushroom Ginger Broth.

Taking Stock values product transparency and advocates for sustainable local food systems. Many of their broth ingredients come from local farmers, including Larry Schultz Organic Farm chicken, Co-op Partners Warehouse-sourced vegetables, and Mississippi Mushrooms culinary mushrooms. Locally made drinking vinegar containing raspberries and rhubarb is also used and adds a unique flavor to the broths, and in the case of the bone broths, helps break down collagen-rich chicken bones.

Taking Stock’s full line of nutritious broths can be found in our grocery department. Support your health by drinking or cooking with these delicious homemade broths throughout the New Year!