Image for Local Thanksgiving Turkeys

Pre-order your local Thanksgiving turkey

Pre-orders may be placed Monday, October 30 through Friday, November 17.

We’re excited to offer two kinds of local free-range turkeys for Thanksgiving pre-orders from Ferndale Market and Schultz Organic Farm. Ferndale turkeys enjoy a diet of grasses and grains that are rich in beneficial vitamins and minerals and Schultz turkeys are raised organically. Both Ferndale and Schultz turkeys are raised without antibiotics or artificial growth hormones and given plenty of space to roam, eat, and live. Not only are these animal husbandry practices humane, they result in happier, healthier poultry and a more flavorful-tasting turkey for your holiday table.

Available in a wide selection of sizes, ranging from roughly 10–23 pounds each, and offered on a first-come, first-served basis at all three of our store locations. Please fill out a turkey pre-order form at one of our three stores’ Meat & Seafood counters.

Ferndale Market | Cannon Falls, Minn.
Fresh turkeys, $1.99/lb.

Schultz Organic Farm | Owatonna, Minn.
Organic turkeys, available frozen only, $3.49/lb.

Searching for ways to make your holiday gathering easier? Our deli offers a special holiday catering menu with a wide selection of appetizers, sides, and desserts, including many vegetarian and vegan options.