Image for Local Tomato Tasting

Saturday, Aug. 17  |  11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.  |  All Stores

Celebrate peak growing season with a free tasting of ripe, seasonal tomatoes grown locally by Featherstone Farm, Wisconsin Growers Co-op and Living Water Gardens. Visit any store location to try new kinds while learning more about their origins. Recipe cards will be available with suggestions on how best to incorporate this fresh seasonal produce into a variety of quick, healthful summer meals. This is a free tasting, no registration is required.

Taste Local

Sample the following fresh, flavorful varieties during the Local Tomato Tasting:

Heirloom Tomatoes

Open-pollinated and grown without genetic modification, heirloom tomatoes are beloved for their unique colors and shapes. Slice and use on sandwiches or in caprese salads to showcase these gorgeous garden works of art!

Yellow Tomatoes 

Yellow tomatoes have a less acidic, mildly sweet flavor. Their tender exterior, high water content, and delicate sweetness make them perfect for eating fresh.

Cherry & Grape Tomatoes

These tomatoes may be small in size but they’re big in flavor! Perfect for snaking or salads, cherry and grape tomatoes come in a variety of colors and shapes. Their sturdy exterior and medium acidity make them perfect for eating fresh or for use in cooking.

Roma Tomatoes 

Firm in texture and with a lower water content than other fresh tomato varieties, Romas are the go-to when canning or making sauce.

Green Tomatoes

Tart, tangy and crisp, green tomatoes are the opposite of their ripe counterparts. Dredged in cornmeal and fried, or used in place of tomatillos in fresh salsas and sauces, we love the fresh bite of these tomatoes!