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Dr. Joi Lewis is the founder of Joi Unlimited, a crisis, conflict, and change-management firm specializing in transforming systems and self for collective and individual liberation. Dr. Joi’s keynotes are designed to wake audiences up to the necessity of self-care as an act of radical Resistance.

Dr. Joi is on a mission to “put healing in the hands of anyone, anywhere.” She is an unapologetic joy instigator, a healer for healers, a certified kemetic and hot vinyasa yoga teacher, and a facilitator of meditation and mindfulness. She offers courses, coaching programs, healing circles, workshops, and retreats on Radical Self-Care, social justice, and much more.

The co-op’s 2022 annual meeting will feature the session: “Find Calm in Chaos: Radical Self-Care in Uncertain Times.” This session is a gift of time and space to take a deep breath together in community. We explore practices of Radical Self-Care and being “awake” that help create space for wellness, and thereby interrupt the effects of toxic stress and trauma, especially related to the world pandemic and racial injustice. By the end, participants connect with themselves and others more deeply and practice healthy expressions of grief, pain, and joy. Strengthening our foundations around radical self-care can help us all show up for ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. The meditation Dr. Joi offers to all is #MayTheRevolutionBeHealing.

Dr. Joi Lewis is also the president of The Healing Justice Foundation (HJF), whose mission is to reclaim the inherent dignity, brilliance, and humanity of all Black People. Their vision is for all Black lives to be healed, liberated and whole. HJF’s work is grounded in Black Liberations and the power of healing to help hold both heartbreak and joy.

Get to know Dr. Joi on a more personal level by joining her virtual class on Oct. 12!

The Joi of Cooking: Meal Prep for the Revolution | 5-7:30 p.m. | Free