Image for Member-Owner Appreciation Day: Bulk Sale

Oct. 20-21  |  All Day  |  All Stores

Thank you for being a part of our cooperative community! Mississippi Market member-owners receive 20% off all bulk items*, including bulk spices, herbs, tea, coffee, cleaners, soaps, and lotions, at all three of our store locations.

Mississippi Market continues to thrive thanks to the support of our dedicated member-owners. Because of you, we’ve been able to offer local and organic foods to our St. Paul neighbors for over 40 years! Thank you for your continued commitment to values-based community building and sustaining a robust regional food economy. We wouldn’t be here without you!

*Some exclusions apply


Can I use my electronic membership discount in conjunction with the Bulk Sale 20% off discount?

Yes! Quarterly 10% member-owner discounts can be combined with the Bulk Sale 20% off discount. Co-op staff who are member-owners may use their employee discount in conjunction with the Bulk Sale discount.

If I become a co-op member-owner the day of the Bulk Sale, can I get the 20% off discount? 

Yes! New members who sign up on or before Oct. 20-21 are eligible to participate in the Bulk Sale and will receive the 20% off discount.

What if I shop at the co-op in the morning and come back again in the evening? Do I get the Bulk Sale 20% off discount both times? 

Yes! If you’re a Mississippi Market member-owner, you’ll receive the Bulk Sale 20% off discount no matter how many times you return or shop at any of our store locations.

What if I want a product that is out of stock? Can I get the Bulk Sale 20% off discount at a later date and time? 

No, there will be no rain checks.

Can members of other Twin City food co-ops receive the one-day Bulk Sale 20% off discount? 

No, you must be a member-owner of Mississippi Market to be eligible.