Image for Organics Composting Now Available

In pursuit of your co-op’s ongoing efforts to operate more sustainably and efficiently by reducing waste, utilizing renewable resources, and lessening our environmental impact, organics composting can now be found at all three Mississippi Market locations. Since early October 2018, organics composting bins have been present in the seating areas, bathrooms, delis, and staff breakrooms at our Selby, West 7th and East 7th stores. Since then, co-op customers and staff have had the ability to compost food scraps; coffee grounds; paper towels and napkins; hot beverage cups, lids and sleeves; soup containers; hot bar and salad bar boxes; wax paper and bakery item bags; and compostable cutlery when shopping or working at any of our stores.

Enabling co-op shoppers and staff to compost organic materials, including a majority of the packaging we provide for made-to-order deli and house-made bakery items, has aided in significantly reducing the amount of waste our co-op produces. Many other items, including newspapers and magazines; plastic, glass, and aluminum drink bottles; plastic salad bar containers; plastic deli grab-and-go containers; cardboard packaging; paper bags; and more can still be recycled at the co-op.

In addition to new in-store organics composting, there are multiple other ways your co-op reduces waste while utilizing available resources. For example, we partner with several local Saint Paul food shelves to donate leftover food from events we host and food that can’t be sold that would otherwise go to waste. Last fiscal year, 31,518 pounds of food were rescued at the co-op and primarily donated to local food shelf partners Hallie Q. Brown and Merrick Community Services. Your efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle when shopping at the co-op also have a huge impact. Last fiscal year, co-op shoppers returned a combined 204,086 egg cartons, glass bottles, and reusable bags, keeping them out of landfills and reducing the need for new packaging. Remember, when shopping at Mississippi Market, you contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet.